C/O's in the UK

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  • jookbeard

    My 2 least favourite was the arrogant, haughty, intellectual superior attitude of the twat Micheal Purbrick who thought It was a rather good idea to promote a view the I was not fit (or spiritual enough) to marry my first wife(I was an elders son FFS LOL!)

    And the 2nd was the twat M Hogdson who during my fade cornered me at his visit to bombard me with questions if I thought that the WTS was the org that God is using on earth etc etc

  • quietlyleaving

    mr majestic


    Your avatar……is that who I think it is…??

    yes prolly - lol - and who are you???

    do I know you? btw I'm supposed to be travelling incognito - pm me if you know me or the lil one


  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    yes prolly - lol - and who are you???


    I’m Majestic…. AKA Jesus Christ…….(Tisk, eyes roll up in the air and around to the side)

    Ain’t that the sweetest little picture…….

    Will be sending you a PM……

  • aniron

    Quite a few names mentioned I knew in my years as JW.
    Alan Stokes
    Richard Gillam
    Wilf Gregory
    Paul Presland
    Bob James
    Ron Drage
    Alister Campbell
    David Carter
    Dennis Green
    Noble Bowers
    Tom Lynch

    Also brother from a local congregation - Keith Johnstone - was appointed a CO, went to Middlesborough area,only lasted about couple of years, then his wife got pregnant.

    Rumour had it that he found some things out that were going on and wanted a way out.

  • Superslave

    Michael Purbrick- Liar and an arsehole. Some idiot came after him? His wife I think was called Sally. Claimed that being in the Borg was better than his university education...him & Purbrick where sucked up each other sooo tight.

    Alan Stokes. - Lovely man.

    Ian shanks- Funny guy.

    Who was the guy who was like the comedian Jasper Carrot?

    Can't remember any others they were not worth remembering.

    I hate the way people would suck up tp COs like they were Jesus. Running around like crazy people just to suck up to some bloke in a suit. Damn I'm sooo glad I'm out!!!!

  • JWFreak


    Good to remember the strange guys

    Anyone hear of Ray Shah?? these days....always thought he might go apostate

  • ninja

    sorry tijj ...didn't see your post regarding ronnie hunter.....btw....what makes you think I don't like the wee cultic dwarf?....he he....p.s ronnie if you ever waken up and read this.....thrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppppppppp

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