C/O's in the UK

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  • tijkmo
    Dad was a rocket scientist

    well i think he was big in stress and tensions etc....went to quebec...took the 2nd best watchtower..other daughter married a bethel boy and they then got invited to tour bethels to set up language instruction.

    other cos i remember

    bobby bell (who to his credit still gets called bobby..and goes to lords to watch cricket)

    robert strickland

    john black

    jim simpson

    john flack

    don nevard

    cliff hensman

    richard jessop

    mike read

    david algar

    jim fleming

    ian shanks

    alex trotter

    brian (thinks outside the box - missionary daughter in malawi) cant remember his surname

    somebody green - used to be a comedian

    ray midgley....why why why why why why why why why

  • jookbeard

    Jeff Young rings a bell

  • hillary_step


    You did notice the question mark?

    Yes, that is why I asked for further information and you kindly gave it!

    An active JW said they had been told Alex The Doc had his own church,another told me that he had joined another church, I can imagine he would be quite prominent even if it wasn't entirely his.He was a good orator and an even better drinker plus I heard he loves cigars , good taste! All this is good old gossip of course ,we should have a local needs post about it!!

    Alex used to be a good friend, though we lost track of each other a long while ago. I have hard time imagining him with his 'own church', though he was a very able Biblical scholar and was one of the first to sow seeds of doubt in my head in the latish 70's.

    I imagined that given his streak of Scottish cynicism he would have grown out of religion by now.

    Someone mentioned Danny Owens. He always reminded me of those little middle aged women who fill the Kingdom Halls wearing their see-through plastic babushka's and cream raincoats. It would not have surprised me in the least to see him turn up for Field Service dressed in a cream Macintosh, plastic babushka plastered on his head and wearing the most luminous red lipstick outside of a whorehouse.

    Wilf Gregory was not happy unless he was annoying everybody by trying out lessons from his 'Joe Stalin For Dummies' book. Small man syndrome I suppose, but I actually liked him. In his own explosive way he was at least non-political.

    Anybody remember ? ? Merry? Certainly one of the homliest men ever squeezed out of a womb and whose face could certainly have hung on the parapet of Notre Dame. A cold fish to boot. If his foot caught fire I swear he would have said a prayer before dousing it. His wife was as handsome as he was plain. It was one of lifes injustices.

    I recall being on FS with him when he spotted a person sitting in their car which they could not start. He had a streak of kindness obviously, and without hesitation he put down his briefcase and told the man that he would push the car. He signalled for me to help, but I thought, 'blow that for a lark, it's raining' and I ignored him. He was so skinny I thought he would not survive the experience. Anyway, as he pushed the car the engine ignited and the car took off at a good rate of knots. As he was pushing almost horizontally at the time there was only one place for Merry to fall, and that was into a deep and muddy puddle....face first..lol.


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    HS - Remind me to make sure I'm nowhere near you if my car ever breaks down.


  • hillary_step


    Tom Maltby a rotund and pleasant Yorkshire guy.

    lol...yes, I remember Tom. He fired from the hip, one of the old school. Love him or hate him, you always knew he was around.

    And Michael 'Hector' Spurr. Yes, that was really his middle name. I think his parents must have disliked him. The kids caught on to his middle-name very quickly and loved to taunt him with it...lol

    Sweet Pea,

    HS - Remind me to make sure I'm nowhere near you if my car ever breaks down.

    lol...Yes, if it is raining, push it yourself, if it is not, find someone as ugly as Merry to push it.


  • four candles
    four candles

    Ray Midgley........yes I remember him,very dour scot(apologies to all scots who are not dour),but his missus was the opposite,she did nothing but giggle and get dissaproving stares from Ray.

    I can't believe that some of the elders....or anyone for that matter ....fawns and near enough bows down when they come.They are still human and at the end of the day they still fart and belch like I do,so they are no different.

    I just remembered another, Mike.....somebody.....piggin eck,can't remember his surname. But on FS all we did was recite the goons and monty python. Great stuff!

  • PoppyR

    I think you guys were in a different UK to me!

    I remember Brent Smith, he had a big impact on me when I was a teenager I thought he was the biz, very charismatic. Wife Jean

    Richard Cullen (now if anyone wins the closet gayness test it had to be him) wife Morna I think. Liked him tho, funny.

    We had Anthony Kendall, now there's a guy who could make you yawn, no wonder nobody remembered his name.

    Cant remember the guy they have now, but his wife is Sue, very typical CO wife, small, dark and quiet, lovely long tartan skirts..

    I used to hate the CO visit all that falseness and people chasing you around with clipboards to get you to either make dinner or take wifey on your calls. Latterly we had a couple of CO sheperding calls, you know it's bad when.....


  • slimboyfat

    I liked Cherry Midgley too - best CO's wife.

    We got Alastair Lambie at the moment.

    Anyone know if Mike Reid is still a circuit overseer?

    And Anton Irons? Lez Perkins?

    Have the rumours about getting rid of COs been confirmed?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I remember Roddy Holyoake (surely there's only one?)...he was a full time pioneer in 'my' Congregation in the 1970s.

  • ernie

    Anyone know if Mike Reid is still a circuit overseer? Yes - wife isn't too keen though. North of Scotland circuit (I think).

    And Anton Irons? Lez Perkins? Anton still on (married a few years ago - attractive younger wife). Liz & Lez came off - Liz very ill (cancer). Spend a lot of time in Spain for health reasons.

    Have the rumours about getting rid of COs been confirmed? Although not officially in the public domain , my understanding is that COs will not be given a new assignment after their existing one ends on Aug 31st 2009. Each CO has been sworn to confidentiality on this matter. WTS still working on the details & many COs annoyed at lack of information. Still some question about whether all will be reassigned as special pioneers - looks like each CO will be treated on a case by case basis. Those who have a home are being "encouraged" to return there. Some COs are already sorting their futures out & have come off or will be by end of service year.

    Transitionally , the foreign language circuits are already in the process of being disbanded and will be serviced by existing COs from 1.9.08. No new substitute COs are being recruited.

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