Let's Talk About Anything ! I can take it ! How is Your Life Going ?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Hi, Mr. Flipper!

    I'm worried about ever becoming a better house keeper. I can't seem to keep up with it.

    I'm naturally messy.

    I think I need a wife. I might have packratitis, as well.

    I'm going to dust off my Slob Sisters books and see if that helps.

    Getting off JWD sooner might help, too

  • OnTheWayOut

    Doctor Flipper, I am so glad you had a slot available for me.

    I am coping with depression. I have started therapy (4 weeks now).
    I have a great network of friends on JWD whom I can call when I am down.
    I am almost ready to end my total anonymity and start being myself.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Geez, never mind my post. I wrote it before reading any of the others.

    My life is great! I'm just a little bit of a slob. I wish everyone better days.

    How is Mr. Flipper?

  • flipper

    WHITE DOVE- Hey, I hear you ! I'm in the cleaning business and I don't have time to clean my own house ! Fortunately my wife helps out in that department - as she knows I'm so burned out cleaning all the commercial buildings I do in my business ! You want a WIFE to help you clean ?? Are you female like your avatar ? There are some good men that know how to clean as well ! Serious ! Not joking ! It is hard , especially if you are a busy person to keep up sometime . We like you here on JWD so don't take time away from here- just to clean ! Let the cleaning go to hell first ! Gotta know our priorities ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    OTWO- It is great you are considering dropping the anonymity ; it can be exhausting mantally and emotionally trying to be one kind of person, then have to hide the real me or you. Can wear a person out actually ! I hope the therapy you get with your counselor helps you and gives you comfort as well ! You are a great guy, a cool person- and I think you are going to do great as time goes by ! Sometimes it just takes a little courage !

    WHITE DOVE- Well, Mr. Flipper is doing great basically. I am only pissed off right now at one particular customer who is almost $3,900 in debt to me because he hasn't paid me hardly anything since early May ! Other than that - I'm all peaches and cream ! My wife is doing good too ! Still in love and crazy for each other. It will be our 2 year wedding anniversarry in October ! Hope your house comes along sis ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • FlyingHighNow

    My life is extremely challenging and filled with sad things right now.

  • Hortensia

    I was cheerful yesterday - but today I'm not. Seems like I'll never get out of the messes of my life. Well, by the end of the year I'll be out of the major messes, but I'll be broke...oh well, pick up my shovel and start moving shit.

  • flipper

    FLYING HIGH NOW- I am so sorry for your recent loss of your father. You are in my wife and my hearts right now friend. I am driving tonight to meet my son on a floor stripping job a little later- perhaps we could talk. Just want you to feel the love from this household sis ! Will talk soon my friend. Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

  • Metamorphosis
    oh well, pick up my shovel and start moving shit.

    lol - awesome - i think i'll make that my life motto! :)


  • flipper

    HORTENSIA- I hear you about the financial crises we go through ! I have a customer almost into me for $ 4,000 now I'm trying to collect from ! I hope you do get your finances sqared away by the end of the year ! I'll be pulling for you sis !

    METAMORPHISIS- I hear there can be good money in shoveling $hit actually ! If some of my bigger customers don't start paying me on time- I might adjust my cleaning business to shoveling $hit as well. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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