Let's Talk About Anything ! I can take it ! How is Your Life Going ?

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  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I'm pretty good Mr. Flipper, thanks for asking. Just got my business up and running and I'm getting pretty busy so I am thankful for that!! A little worried about it too though...it's taxing on a relationship when your this stressed out...but I wouldn't change where I am for anything!


  • Casper

    Hi Mr. Flipper,

    Feeling kinda weird this evening.... watched a show on child abuse, I knew I shouldn't, but did anyway....

    Brings up so many feelings and memories, some suppressed and trying to surface... I keep pushing them back down tho. You would think after 10 years of therapy, give or take a few, ... I would be over this sh*t.

    Other than that, everything thing else is fine, Hubby and I have finished all the house maintenance we've had planned to do this year, new patio, repainting the trim on the house, things here and there... looks great. Since he has retired 5 months ago... we have more time to get projects out of the way.

    Kids are doing fine... that is a blessing.

    Had some flashbacks of old JW feelings yesterday... wanted to go somewhere, but knew there would be witnesses there... just couldn't deal with running into them...so didn't go. One of these days I have got to work thru all that... and stop giving them power over me.

    Thank goodness, my husband is understanding. We stayed home, grilled out, had a few beers and listened to music...had a good evening.

    Hope things are good in your corner of the world.



  • JK666

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

    A mixed bag like most people here.

    Some things are going very well, as in personal relationships. The trip to Lake Tahoe was great for me.

    I have had to battle depression from going back to the same old grind after the a-fest, so that has sucked. Reality vs. vacation. I am back on the right track now.

    Work has its own issues, but they will either resolve themselves, or I will move on. I am beginning to inventory the pros and cons.

    So, that is my story.


  • sweetface2233

    Yet another guy pursuing me who says all the right things, makes me feel desirable, and tells me that I deserve so much more than I have ever received. I really want to believe and trust him, but my past experiences tell me that guys who say those kind things are completely full of horse shit. The one thing that separates him from the others is that we became pretty good friends before he ever expressed an interest in me and has already proven himself trustworthy. However, I still may die of shock if he is voluntarily speaking to me in 4 weeks.

  • JK666


    Not all guys are scum. Just most of us.


  • flipper

    ONLY ME- Hopefully your husband won't force your daughter to go to meetings ! Just keep holding your breath ! I'm so happy for your daughter and her husband in expecting their first baby ! Congratulations ! That is great news !

    MIND MY OWN- I'm happy for you that your business is up and running and staying busy ! Let's hope your customers keep paying you ! Hope you don't experience what I've been going through lately getting them to pay ! It sucks. Just keep on top of your business you'll do fine ! Balance it out with time for your relationship though . That's important as well !

    CASPER- It does take time to get over feelings and bad memories even with therapy. I feel for you sis. Hang in there ! Glad your house is coming along fine. Kids are well - fine. It's a good thing you have an understanding husband who is there for you ! Good grilled barbeques, a few beers, and great music - all adds up to a great night ! My wife and I are doin' fine thanks ! Just trying to get some big customers to pay me on time in my business ! Very frustrating !

    JK- Yeah, I think most of us are dealing with a mixed bag right now too ! It is a bummer to get back in the saddle with work after a great weekend we had at Lake Tahoe ! But everything gets back on track my friend. Take care, I'll call you tomorrow when I work south of town ! Peace.

    SWEETFACE- Well - If the guy you are getting to know has proved trustworthy in the past to you- give him a chance. Not all men are untrustworthy ! There are still some good guys out there - we are not all taken ! Gotta trust sometimes in our life

  • Sparkplug

    Flipper. Good and excellent and the worst ever all rolled into one.

    Work is coming in in all three fields that I have been headed towards. That is excellent. I feel more at peace than I have for the past years. That is good and excellent. I love myself again and love what I am doing with my world. Could not ask for more.

    AND My daughter ran away last week. Came back Tuesday. Ran away again today. That is bad. I am tired. Trying to accept the good and not sweat the bad, but it is such a mixed dish. So. For the 6th time this year. The police came and talked. Took information. Went to where I thought she might be and there stood two parents like me....with their daughter missing also. I had heard they were so this and that. Not at all. Two parents freaking concerned as hell and well not a damn thing going on in thier home that I could see. And I was looking pretty hard. Same thing.

    Child went from public to home school, to working to lost her job. To running and well it was the same thing all over again. To one parent changing jobs I believe to be there always to everything is fine...and then she is gone.

    I felt like I was staring into a mirror. But with two parents.

    It really sucked.


  • flipper

    SPARKPLUG- I'm glad for you about your job circumstances being the best they've been in years- that's great ! But as regards your daughter- I'm so sorry you are going through this painful circumstance with her running away again my friend. Here is a flower for you. Man, I'll tell ya, can't these kids of ours bring us the greatest joys- but they can sure break our hearts as well ! I have 2 daughters , both witnesses, 21 and 20 , and I haven't seen the youngest in a year, or talked to her. The older daughter- nicer, I saw 4 months ago- but not since. No matter what our circumstances it hurts like hell, doesn't it ? I'm with ya sis in my heart , if you ever would like to talk to me or my wife, I'll PM you our number my friend. Hang in there, I care

  • flipper

    DJK- I'm so sorry to hear you have Lyme disease. That comes from ticks, doesn't it ? My wife knew a friend who had that a few years ago. It can really put a person down for quite awhile ! I do hope your medication will assist you to get better soon ! Hang in there friend ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Sparkplug

    Djk. So sorry bout what you are dealing with. Big bummer. You will get better right? I hope so.

    Flipper. I am sad to hear that about your daughters. I thought if she were out of the borg, I would not lose her. But I feel defeated now. Then top it all off with a few people walked out just when I need them most.

    Keeping it upbeat tho. Many have walked in. Revolving door of emotions. Good, Bad, Good, Bad. Lets call it even on good since I am teary eyed. Cant seem to get it in my mind that I can handle more. Just damn beat today. I made myself go through the motions of everything I was going to do even after she left. It just was all later than I had planned. So I get in just now, and I made my list complete. Time to man up and keep it solid in all areas.

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