What Its Like To Be A Gay Ex JW....

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  • 10p
    I very rarely comment on the board these days, I became somewhat disillusioned with the attitude of some of the people here.

    And so by the laws of mathematics, you make the bad ones more abundant (as a ratio).
    Please - to all nice people - DONT be put off by the nasties. Imagine if we all did that (and I'm including myself in the nice people, hopefully you all see me that way) - there'd only be nasty people left.
    (and to repeat the old bulletin board customs from times past - "Dont feed the trolls")

  • Caedes


    Welcome to the board, have fun.


  • sass_my_frass

    Hi and welcome. Sounds like you're getting there, that's great.

    The family; they may or may not come around. It's more important that you can live your life. We only get this one tiny short gasp of time and only one shot at it. I applaud you.

    Keep it together.

  • jambon1

    Welcome! I know a few active JW's who are gay. They don't seem the most happy people. In fact, they have been the cause of a lot of trouble in their congregations. Mental illness/severe depression has been a trend for them. The suppression of their natural desires has taken its toll over a period of many years. Shame. Enjoy your life. PS - Some of your comments were nicely put. Very true.

  • real one
    real one

    Hang in here with us, you'll learn alot here. Don't mind the minority of biggots here or the SELF RIGHTEOUS REALONE. Some folks still have an agenda to perpetuate and refuse to get the drift that they aren't appreciated here. Loving kindness goes a long way.

    yeah nmg like i said no one wants to hear the truth but thats ok it will come outttttttt

  • Junction-Guy

    For Changeling----Yes, I came really close to embracing the lifestyle, but it took a series of events that showed me that this was not the way I want to live my life.

    I had a coming out post here last year, and explained everything in it. I was not born gay, but due to various circumstances I became somewhat attracted to men. Since there really is no concrete definition of what is gay (even in the gay community there is much confliction), I simply say that I was almost gay. I felt more natural and fulfilled with a woman. I hope this explains what I meant by that.

  • ozziepost

    real one:

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  • real one
    real one

    I agree with you that we shouldn't sugar coat the bible. In that spirit, here's my favorite fact about homosexuality in the bible: The Old Testament, where men are allowed multiple wives, never forbids, or even mentions, lesbianism. Mind you, the Mosaic Law covered explicitly what was allowed and forbidden sexually, including women having sex with animals and which relatives you shouldn't have sex with. It mentions male homosexuality explicitly. Yet no mention at all of lesbianism. I wonder why...

    22 " 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.

    your wondering should be taken care of here. This is very plain in the ot.

    Why do people try to make the Bible fit their lifestyles? Why do people try to twist the Bible?

    Then if it dosen't say what they want it to say they abandon it all together. which is their choice to do but then don't go lying about what God's word says!

  • ozziepost
    Why do people try to twist the Bible?

    Why, indeed ! Perhaps because they're bigots?

  • Caedes


    I know I've posted this before but real one obviously is oblivious to the full implications of accepting every line in the old testament.

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