What Its Like To Be A Gay Ex JW....

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  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome, Str8.

    I am so terribly sorry that you have lost your family. I have found that it is best to pick and choose "family" anyway... choose those who love and upbuild you.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hey man! Welcome to JWD!

    That's an amazing story. I look forward to hearing more.

    BTW, instead of calling you "str8?", can I call you "heat it up"?

    B the X

  • FlyingHighNow
    BTW, instead of calling you "str8?", can I call you "heat it up"?

    Hey Billy, with that HOT avatar and this kind of quick wit, you're going to be getting all kinds of marriage proposals from men and women.

  • Layla33

    Heat it up,

    Thanks for sharing your story, I think it takes so much strength to come out and my thoughts are with you... Bravo to you!

  • shell69

    Welcome to JWD st8! (hugs)

    You'll find no end of people who have all suffered mental anxiety at the hands of the borg, because we are humans (yes beautiful ones.. I know), but human none the less.

    I have a similar experience, I da'sd about 15 month ago. Shortly before I did this by then 16 year old daughter 'came out' to me. Her coming out wasn't the reason I da'sd, but now I sometimes wonder what on earth would have happened if My husband and I we still 'in'.

    Would I have rejected my daughter?, I'd like to think not, but then all of us here on this baord know what the reality could have been. OR would she have lived a lie and played up the heterosexual part she would have been expected to?

    It really doesnt bear thinking about. As it is, I love my girl unconditionally, she's a beautifull bright bubbly happy young woman, and whatever the future brings, I love her no matter what.

    The hope that you must have is that over time your family either accept your way of life, and stop judging you or else they finally see the WTBTS for what it really is. In the mean time, please just get on with your own life, which you certainly seem to be doing, and enjoy every new day and every new and wonderfull experience. Life outside the borg isn't nearly as scarey as they always told us!!!


  • Hortensia


    very interesting story, and very well-written. Thanks for sharing - I hope your book gets published so we can all read it. I wonder if secretly your mom wishes she could hug you. Stupid religion.

  • faundy

    Welcome to the board, Str8.

    From one queer to another, let me just say that I know exactly how you must have felt all that time, feeling you were living a double life, wanting to do the 'right' thing, when all the time you felt your heart was tearing you the wrong way.

    I very rarely comment on the board these days, I became somewhat disillusioned with the attitude of some of the people here. So let me warn you:

    Most people here are wonderful, caring souls who accept everyone for who they are and offer support, love and interesting banter (as well as some cheeky humour and occasional flirting...), but unfortunately there are some who would like to act like elders, berating your new lifestyle and trying to get you to 'embrace Jesus' once again.

    Ignore them. Don't feel you have to justify anything any more. You're no longer in a place where you have to report back anything or explain yourself.

    Be happy, be as gay as you like, and laugh at the bigots who have no idea what it's like to be yourself.

  • str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up
    str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up

    Thanks everyone!

    Particularly to you Faundy!

    I really appreciate the outpouring of love on this board. I was having a rough day, so I was greatful to have such wonderful, kind comments from everyone.

    And all the hugs! Thankyou.


    Ps I just realised the irony of having my name shortened on the boards to 'Str8' LOL but at the same time, love it.

  • lisavegas420

    I didn't see where anyone else noticed this...

    Then I moved away from where I was living and took up a new job, and am working for a publishing company in Sydney, Australia.

    hahaha..you quit one publishing company to work for a another publishing company...(that's so gay) I'm sure the pay is better now.

    Welcome to the board.



  • jwfacts

    Welcome to JWD and thank you for your story. I live in Sydney too. I have known a lot of JWs that are now gay and the misinformation in the Watchtower about homosexuality is terrible.

    It is very hard coming to terms with rejection from your own family. I took me some time to realise that I do not need validation from family, if they are going to put a cult before their own child they do not deserve me. However, my family are slowly making some contact, so hold hope that over time at least some of them will accept you back in their lives.

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