Q: What happens when you block my driveway?

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  • sacolton

    These days most everyone seems to follow this rule:


    Yeah, you had every right to park in your spot. I would have just had his gas-guzzler towed on his dime with a note on the ground:

    Looking for your car? Call Tony at 555-HAUL. Don't park in my driveway again. Have a nice day. :)

  • joebin

    Obviously the guy couldn't tell if there was a car inside the garage or not so he shouldn't have parked there in the first place. What if elsewhere had an emergency and couldn't get out.

    I agree that when you do stuff like that you'd better be prepared to rumble. You never know who's on the other end.

    I remember once being in a bar and this drunk (and high) guy was getting on my case. I really thought I could take him, but this friend of mine (older biker, blind in one eye, who I'm sure had seen his share of fights) just kept telling me to forget about it, but still I really felt like I should defend myself. Finally the guy picked a fight with someone else. Wow, there were 3 cops, a few customers trying to pin this character down, blood all over the place and he kept on going. I then realized that if I had locked horns with him I would've been history.

    My motto now, steer away from trouble and don't go looking for it.

  • wings


    Watch out if you take the parking space of a middle aged woman going through the change.

  • greendawn

    Some people would deflate the tires, or at least one, of the offending vehicle. But I think you embarassed him enough to be more careful next time.

  • Elsewhere

    I can assure you that there is NO way anyone could mistakenly park in my driveway.

    I catch people parking there ALL the time. Before I started parking my car behind the offender I asked myself a few simple questions:

    1. Would they prefer that I block them in and embarrass them, or have their car towed? (For those here complaining, I'll make sure I always have your car towed at your expense)
    2. Would someone, who's car has been identified, documented and immobilized, be so stupid as to vandalize my car? Anyone that stupid deserves the further lawsuits and jail time that will certainly result. If they hit me, that will just add assault to the charges.

    I live in a nice apartment complex in a nice part of town. Nearly all of the guys living around here are pussy whipped wimps who crap their pants at the thought of having to confront, face to face, the person who's garage they blocked. That is why they always try to maneuver their car around mine.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Would someone, who's car has been identified, documented and immobilized, be so stupid as to vandalize my car?

    Yes, I would get your pos out of the way. You would have no proof who did it.

  • Crumpet

    hysterical! you'd make an excellent cock blocker!

  • Velvetann

    That will teach him, way to Go!!!! Its really so selfish and frustrating of people to do that and these people need to learn not to do that!!!!!

    I have done that countless times, Got back at people who blocked me in my own driveway. it just makes me so angry that people are so selfish that they just park even though its obvious that its someone elses parking space. I used to see RED when they did that. I always parked behind them so they couldn't get out and had to come beg me to let them out. Then I would take my time letting them out. I did hate it though when the opposite happened, I just went NUTS. More often they would park behind my car and I couldn't get out of my own parking spot. Then I didn't know what unit they were in and who they were so I had to wait and fume. Once I called a tow truck when I couldn't get out of my parking spot because someone behind my car and I couldn't find them. I know exactly how you feel grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    My situation was that I had a paralegal business office in downtown Toronto Ontario. Free Parking was rare but we had 2 spots behind our building and they were at the dead end of a long driveway. People would come to some of the other offices down from me and just park behind my car since there was no other parking. We had to go to court quite often and when we went to go out it was very upsetting to have a car blocking us in the driveway, meaning these cars were parked where you drive, not where you park.

    You really started a Rant here. LOL

  • FreedomFrog
    Yes, I would get your pos out of the way. You would have no proof who did it.

    Well, yes he would...my neighbor (drunk as hell) side swiped my car. She thought that I wouldn't know...guess what, her paint was all over my car and my paint on hers..I took many pictures of both of our cars and called the police. While I was taking the pictures, I collected some of the paint her car left on mine and they were able to match the color/damages to her car. Guess what, she has to pay. And she has a police report added to it...

    So, yes, since Else had taken the picture of the vehicle, there is a very good chance you would have been caught with additional charges to boot.

    IMO, your comments sound as if you would be one of those inconsiderate neighbors who do not care about anyone else's property/spaces but your own? I hope that's not the case...just sounds like it from your posts.

    Anyway, I think Else had every right to do what he did and good for him for standing up for his space! You can't hide under the bed in fear of "what if's" or your neighbors and others will just take advantage of you.

  • Elsewhere

    RE: FreedomFrog's comments...

    And that is why short sighted impulsive people always end up in handcuffs with a criminal record. They never stop to think things through.

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