WHAT MADE YOU LEAVE? Doctrine or people?

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  • Sunnygal41

    in my case, it was both. i was in from age 14 to 42, and i always had doubts, could never quite swallow everything taught by the WTS. It was a cumulative of both things, and, the last year I was in I knew it was time to go.........I was called in to a semi-formal meeting over something I supposedly said to a sister, and it quickly turned quite ugly. Funny thing, one of the elders in on that meeting who was defending the sister is now out and his wife and i are best friends, always were. they live close to me, and i regularly am at their house. he and i made our peace over what was the last straw in personality clashes that made me leave. in my heart i am happy it happened, because it made it easier to leave. And, of course, I lived through 1975, with the accompanying castigation of the sheep by the FDS, and then, when they changed the generation meaning in 1995, to me, it was like another slap in the face. I left physically 2 1/2 years later.


  • Borgia

    Positively doctrinal. It's the social that kept me on the inside. I figure it will be just a matter of time before I get asked the right question to butt me out.



  • Finally-Free

    I view the watchtower organization as a public washroom with many stalls. Each stall has it's own unique stench, all of them offensive.


  • changeling

    What made me leave? Plain and simple...

    Bull shit.

    changeling :)

  • Hortensia


  • llbh

    First it was the heartless i was treated after the death of both my parents who died within 10 monts of each other. Then i did some doctrinal resaerch then that clinched it for me.

    I reasoned that loving people would not be unkind to a recently bereaved person



  • GermanXJW

    Doctrine. All in all, I liked the companie.

  • TopHat

    Just a strong feeling of doubt after a few years that what they had to say didn't add up to being spiritually guided by God. But I couldn't put my finger on the problem until I found this web site...Here was all the answers to my questions and doubts.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    It was people's actions that got the ball rolling for me. It didn't feel right either. I am extremely motivated by my feelings, and I just didn't feel it...


  • xjwms

    It was easy after the elder body told me, ...

    I was not welcome at the Hall anymore. And suggested I go to anothe Kingdom Hall. DONE


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