WHAT MADE YOU LEAVE? Doctrine or people?

by chuckyy 63 Replies latest jw experiences

  • journey-on

    1975 made me realize it's all bunk! I wanted my young children to experience life and have opportunities and not be suppressed.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Abuse by my then elder husband and the elders hypocracy

  • ninja

    neither.....just watching my mother in law in the ministry....all gums blazing

  • JK666

    The people in the Governing Body. The UN thing was my watershed moment. I remember as a child the International Conventions of 1963, and the way the UN was vilified in the Resolution. That they could have the hypocrisy to become an NGO after that sealed the deal for me. How could they have the audacity to make moral judgements on me, after doing that, was the total deal breaker.


  • snowbird
    neither.....just watching my mother in law in the ministry....all gums blazing

    Ninja, I'm at work and you've made me lol. My workmates think I'm crazy as it is.

    It was doctrines first and people second.

    I'm so glad to be away from that stifling, non-Christian environment.


  • undercover


    When doctrines changed or "predictions" did not materialize, I had to question. As more questions were raised, the less answers I found.

    After I realized that I was in a cult, then it became about people...not the everyday rank and file, but the leaders. The lying, deceiving bastards that have used people like slaves to run their little publishing empire.

    Of course, after discovering freedom from the religion I discovered the freedom to criticize local elders that I was reluctant to criticize before because we were always taught to respect those taking the lead among us.

  • Casper

    Petty rules, I got tired of having my every move dictated to me...

    When I was trying to explain why I couldn't do this or that to my worldly boyfriend... it dawned on me just how "Insane" it all sounded...!!

    I think what started the conversation was when we were in the check out line at Wal-mart and he said we should get a bag of Halloween candy and I said... "Oh, I can't buy that"... and he goes... "Are you freaking kidding me...?"


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It was first the people made me rethink my beliefs.

    Once I realized how absurd the doctrine was I made the decision to leave.

  • minimus

    DOCTRINE....people are relative. Np one is perfect. But when you HAVE to accept the FDS's word as being absolute truth and you see they're always changing their views, you cannot possibly believe they have THE TRUTH.

  • logic&reason

    People made me start questioning things at the congregation level, but not the religion as a whole.

    Then by sheer accident I followed up on the 607/587 discrepancy. I say it was an accident because I didn't set out to question the society, I just wanted to know why there was a difference. When I found out the truth, that the WTS has basically made up there own history, I started questioning other details. The deeper into the rabbit whole I went, the more I understood that they manufacture facts and twist reality to bolster their flawed doctrine.

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