WHAT MADE YOU LEAVE? Doctrine or people?

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  • BurnTheShips

    Doctrine, which led me to withdraw within myself (since I no longer believed) followed by disconnection from others, which made it easier for me to leave.

  • sacolton

    Lies, Damned Lies and Doctrines!

    1. They blantenly alter scriptures to suit their own theocratic bullshit. John 1:1 comes to mind. Brackets? Who needs brackets?

    2. The continuous false prophecies since the start of the organization that continue today.

    3. Unscriptural doctrines. No blood. A disfellowshipping offense? Fine, but at least my child will live to make their own decisions.

    4. Cult-like mentality. Don't think! Don't research! Don't read the Bible on your own! Don't associate with non-believers!

    5. The lies. Beth Sarim for the "ancient worthies"? Yeah, right. Rutherford just needed a place to live off the hog during the Great Depression while the R&F were living in cars.

  • JeffT

    False prophecy. I could not tell my children that they couldn't get educated because the end was so close. We left twenty years ago, and I had doubts before that.

    My wife's issue was doctrine. She'd been brought up going to church and couldn't square what she knew about the Bible with what she was reading in the Watchtower.

  • lilybird

    Many things combined, I didn't like the hypocrisy that some could do what they wanted but they always had comments on the way others lived their lives. I didn't like the control and basing your love of god(whoever that may be) on the amount of field service hours one put in. It was when the elders wanted to disfellowship my mother (who had been diagnosed and hospitalized for schizophrenia and depresson),because they said she was bringing reproach on jehovahs organization. I had to talk with them to not do it as she would not be able to talk to many of her dub friends that she loved. Then they asked me.. a lowly publisher what they should do.I realized they did NOT have any type of true spiritual direction from any god.

  • sspo

    People are imperfect whether they are JW or any other religion.

    It was the doctrines and finding out about the lies from the watchtower.

  • pseattle2

    People. Worldly people, actually. I couldn't buy that they were all terrible people as the WTS claimed they were.

    I was 15 and I didn't really care about doctrine. It always felt to me that truth was much simpler than the convulted fake mathematics JW's used to explain everything.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I was only around 9 when I discovered it wasn't God's truth. God said that we each were created in his image, meaning woman and man, and, in my mind, we shoudl all be equal, but we weren't. I was raised to put a cloth over my head to pray in front of my littlest brother, just because he was a boy. Sorry, no doing. My brothers made FUN of me when I did that, and after that I had to bust their asses.

    I was born with a fair sense of justice, and when I was in the JW religion, I never felt comfortable. Men were making my rules, and telling ME how to love God, and how to have faith, and how to do this/that, and they didn't even KNOW me. I was subjected to man's laws, even though I was a woman. Not fair.

    As soon as I got BIG, I got OUT.


  • golf2

    People. Elders high mindedness, no fellow-feeling. They gave me the greatest gift by taking it upon themselves to think for me. I was in great spirits when they showed their true colors, the rest is history.


  • reneeisorym

    First it was being told that because I made a mistake and married an abusive husband at 18 y/o, I couldn't ever remarry. I said, "If this is God, I don't want any part of it. I will just take a dirt nap thank you."

    So I began to research doctrine. I wanted to know if this was really God's organization before I wrote him off. Turns out their doctrine was really off base. I am still a Christian but have rejected JWs.

  • Quirky1

    1. Doctrine

    2. Lies and misleading information

    3. The people behind the curtain - "Crisis of Conscience"

    Pretty much in that order. Once I began seeing holes in the doctrine I began questioning the organization then read "CofC" and I was outta there.


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