WHAT MADE YOU LEAVE? Doctrine or people?

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  • megawatt

    I can forgive people for the most part and I still have some close friends in the organization, but realizing the contradictions of russell, with the pyramids, 1874 as the year christ took control of his throne, BETH SARIM and BETH SHAN, ANYTHING RUTHERFORD, the mexico and malawi incident and how the WTS didn't want to relinquish it's ownership of property in mexico and labled itself as a cultural organization for many decades in mexico, UN/NGO membership and the list can go on and on.

    So in a nutshell, doctrine killed it for me.

    Oh, welcome eric2. I'm not sure if you're trolling or a sincere person, but there's subtantial evidence on and off this site. If you're truly searching, you should, without any difficulty at all, found enough public information documented re: The WTS, coupled with watchtower publication references to solidify the reasoning why some have left based on contradicitons and the hypocrisy this organization has demostrated in the past century...

    I don't know where to point you at, I guess you can start with 1975 and examine the 1966 and october 8, 1968 awake publications, which you can download from this site in a PDF file. Forgive me, I don't have the URL readily available, but I'm sure someone can post the url...

  • curveberry

    I was never actually baptised, but was raised JW since about 1st grade. We stopped going some time around jr high school, but still followed what we were raised believing.

    I actually started studying a few years ago,as an adult. I quit because I didn't "gel" with my teacher. I was dissatisfied with some of the answers I was given. One in paticular that made me want to research more, I had asked my teacher why was it that my mom couldn't give me answers when I asked her about god/the org. She actually told me god TOOK it back, meaning he took the knowledge back from her. Everything that she had learned, zapped away just like that because she had stopped going.

    But anyways, I thought that was the silliest thing,and decided to start researching before I got in any deeper/baptised. Boy my mind opened when I learned all the hiccups throughout their history. So for me it was doctrine, plan and simple. Though I was never baptised, I lived most my life as a JW,and now I'm finally free

    Love this site by the way, very informative!!

  • Athanasius

    Doctrine and the lack of real Bible Study. The JWs don't really study the Bible at their meetings. Instead they read selected texts mostly out of context to back their false doctrines.

  • Indo_Dude

    I left because of my sexuality. I knew I could either live a miserable, celebate life being a JW or say "screw it" and go live a life of sin. I chose the latter. Only then did I realize what a bunch of b.s. the Witlesses were.

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