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  • flipper

    WINGS- I understand how you feel. I've been out of the organization almost 5 years now - and it did bother me at first for a couple years. But as time went on I just relaxed and realized that I don't know for sure if there is a God . I consider myself an agnostic - I kind of believe like the native americans there is a great spirit in the sky who watches over things, makes it rain, sun shine , etc. I do feel that something within myself keeps me positive as well ! I don't know if I'm getting help from above , or it's just me, or both ! Also , I could be a borderline atheist perhaps too ! But since leaving the witnesses, I've learned to trust my instincts and my heart in making decisions. Just try to treat people the way I want to be treated. Hang in there ; in time your answer will come within you - you will discover what is right for you. Be patient with yourself

  • tinker

    Just like so many here, I am very sure that I am unsure about god, God or higher intelligence. I made a leap years back when I accepted evolution and the laws of physic's as the way of the universe. We are all made of Star Dust and the wonders of nature amaze me. I do pray because I believe our thoughts produce energy and can effect the outcome of events. If God has something to do with it, great, if not, I'm not going to sweat it. If he does exsist, he can read my heart and knows my intentions.

    And the other thing I don't get is, if he exisits, why do we have to question that existance. Why doesn't he just make it very clear for our pea brains to wrap, I should just say, MY pea brain. Lots of you out there have some very Big Brains....I am very impressed by the discussion here of atheism vs theism.

  • jaguarbass

    that is not sure if you believe in God? ....or not sure if you don't?

    I'm not sure, and that is concerning to me. I envy those of you who have moved through this space.


    I battle with it. Why? I'm not sure.

    I seem less depressed when I believe in God or a higher power.

    I've been out of the tower since 83, my god might be very different from the wac tower god.

    Still I battle to believe the God of the bible. I have read Dawkins, Darwin, the portable atheist. They all put nails in god and the bibles coffins.

    It's depressing, to me. Others find comfort and freedom in the possibility that there is no God.

    If you want faith, you get it by asking God for it and reading the bible.

    A thinking person might conclude that the faith seeker is brainwashing him self.

    That may be. If it works so be it.

    If you want to be an atheist read Dawkins and Darwin and the portable atheist.

    The bible is ancient mans attempt to describe the human experience.

    For all the transgressions and short commings of the bible, I have a difficult, impossible time buying godless evolution. Thats just me. I dont find any comfort in godless evolution.

    And I think the whole God, religion, bible thing, for me at this point in my life is about a search for comfort and peace.

    I'm smart enough to see that I am trying to shove square pegs into round holes.

    Like I was told at AA. If you know what works for peace, security and contentment and you dont want to apply it, then suffer you bastard.

    If going down the road of evolution and atheism floats your boat and doesnt rob you of your happiness or sanity, so be it.

    We are all wired differently due to genes and enviroment.

    And there are armies of people on both sides of the fence to be your allies which ever way you go, when ever you go and for how long you go.

  • changeling

    I don't find not believing in god depressing. In fact, I find it liberating. I'm no longer part of some universal scheme to prove "Jehovah's sovereignty". Nobody is watching everything I do and looking to see if I measure up.

    The more I think about the very concept of god and being obligated to worship him or else, the sillier it seems.

    In time you'll wrap your brain around all this. And whatever feels right for you is what you should believe, or not.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow,


  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    Actually part of the reason I am where I am now is that for the last few months that I was still considering myself a JW I didn't pray much. In fact, I termed myself (though I didn't share this with anyone) a Jehovah's Witness Agnostic.

    So I am similarly struggling with the idea. Now that I realize that I can't trust in the God that the WTS created, I am unsure what to believe. I have tried praying, to God and Jesus, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere besides being an emotional release.

    Interestingly, in my online classes, there is one JW and one atheist. When we started the semester, I realized that the student was a JW and I emailed her about it. In her response she mentioned the atheist student, and said, "What a misguided man". Yet when I read the class posts, what he said really made a lot of sense. Since then I have emailed the ateist and told him I'm not a JW anymore. Of course, I have yet to tell the sister. I don't see any reason to.

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  • wings
    I have tried praying, to God and Jesus, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere besides being an emotional release.

    I guess that is good for something, especially in the dark of the night when you can't sleep. I feel the same way.

  • Shawn10538

    It is impossible to know anything for sure, except "I am." And I'm not even sure of that. I think being sure about anything is arrogant. How could someone, in their puny ignorant human form, be sure about something? Why should we? What valor is there in pretending to know something? I think if we all were to be completely honest with ourselves we would all admit that we just don't know a damn thing in this life. No certainties.

    I think people have a strange experience that they can't explain so they just make shit up in their heads. Then they tell their ideas in the form of stories. I think that is how the idea of invisible man in the sky got invented - one minute you are playing sock puppets with your kids, the next you are telling them stories about monsters, damzels in distress, tooth fairies and finally an invisble angry men in the sky who sees everything you do and punish you when you touch yourself. Then you realize that your kid actually believes your silly stories and that you could get him to do things for this invisble angry man. So you just neglect to tell him that you made it up, and he tells his kids about it and Bingo! God is born.

    I'm not saying that there is no "something" out there, I'm just saying that the god you believe in does not exist. Because evry single person on this planet has a completely different idea of what god is. No two people believe exactly the same things about god. They can't all be right, in fact only one person can have it right completely. That is only IF one person indeed has it right. But noone else would know if that person had it right because everyone thinks their own version is right, so they would never just ask a person what the right god is. Even if they did, which person out of the 6 billion has it right. It could be you in fact, but how would you know you were the one person on the planet to know the "real" god. It just gets more complicted after this, so why go on?

  • wings
    It just gets more complicted after this, so why go on?

    I love your entire thought! This made me laugh, so true.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I remember the un-anchored feeling I had and it was SCARY!! It only lasted a very short time as I decided to make education my religion for the time being out of necessity.

    The only thing that I'm sure of is possibilities. That's all. I believe in the possibility of just about anything. Since nothing is for certain, I am taking this time to play with different religions to see what's up with them. For me, Christianity is out. It doesn't suit me. Only the Celtic stuff was fun and felt good to me. I finally found something that fit me. No facts necessary. No rules or dogma. But that's me. It's certainly not for everyone.

  • still_in74
    that is not sure if you believe in God? ....or not sure if you don't?

    I'm not sure, and that is concerning to me.

    I am exactly there right now.

    Somedays I feel close to God and I pray to know Him. I pray my own prayer while the "brother" prays at the KH.

    Other days I feel like there is nothing. Darwin was right and I have wasted my youth in this org at my one shot at life.

    I know where you are at and it sucks

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