Is anybody out there....

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  • wings

    ....that is not sure if you believe in God? ....or not sure if you don't?

    I'm not sure, and that is concerning to me. I envy those of you who have moved through this space.


  • AlmostAtheist

    "Sure" isn't something I find any comfort in anymore. I think the existence of a loving god is extremely unlikely, and the possibility of any sort of involved entity is very unlikely. But they are only likelihoods, not certainties.

    Do you feel a need to be certain? Why?


  • llbh

    I am in same place as you, like many here.

    Would like to believe but left distrustful by Wts .

    Regards David

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am in the same place as you at the moment. Kinda.

    I have left off putting whatever/whomever that is into a neat package nowadays. Not an easy thing to figure out. Maybe we are not meant to, eh?


  • wings

    most of the time I am very comfortable with the idea of not knowing.....

    sometimes I miss having something bigger than me to depend on, maybe more on the days when depending on myself is hardest...

  • Quirky1

    Wings - At the moment I am pretty agnostic in my views. At one time I thought I did but after all the awakening from the JWslumber and seeing how they were to be the mouthpiece of the grand creator and yet were so full of deceipt I lost all comprehension of anything spiritually.


  • Finally-Free

    That's something that's still unresolved in my mind. I'm not allowing myself to lose sleep over it or be pressured by anyone. I read and think about it at my leisure. Whether or not there is a God out there doesn't change my more immediate needs like my grumbling stomach, getting settled in my new home, and rubbing my bird's stomach.


  • free2think

    I am in the same place Wings, i'd like to believe in something but im unsure what at this point.

  • sustainedhaze

    I consistently have doubts with my progress, mostly instilled by the dubs fear of reprisal of a vengeful god, laying waste to the heathens at armageddon. But then I plug on, learning new things, contemplating new realities (for me). Current beliefs include the fact that the gospel jesus did not exist. The bible is NOT the word of god. Other religions have evolved in the same ways as christianity, but with different characters. It's okay and I would think quite normal to be concerned with whether you do or don't believe in god, seeing as most beliefs throw in a reward/punishment aspect. Try to dig past that and eventually you come to the realization that there is much more compelling evidence in favor of the non-existence of god. My comfort in my belief is that I don't need faith that can move mountains, my views are supported by facts that exist whether I believe or not.

  • wings

    sustainedhaze thanks. I just find it akward to hit big life changing events and not turn to prayer for help. Maybe it has been a crutch in my life, but it was always there. Learning to trust in me, in reality, is like being hit by a big wave and going under....hoping I get up for air and don't dragged into the ocean. That might sound stupid, I just think in analogies.

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