Why do I feel like I'm losing my wife to this website?

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  • Caedes

    Welcome Sarabi,

    As with any group of people, there is a wide variety of opinions held by people here. While you may find some people who are very much anti-JW there are some who are very pro-JW. Being exposed to other people's opinion is a fact of life, so take everything you read with a pinch of salt and research yourself, don't take anyone's word at face value.

    I think you are doing the right thing by asking questions about the site. I hope you find the answers interesting.

  • AgentSmith

    Hello Sarabi and Cognac

    I admire your courage to talk to everyone here, and your desire to protect your mariage.

    Please stay and look at the information that is presented. Do not be afraid of knowledge. The society tell us not to search for answers. That the internet is full of apostate thinking. But think on this.... The WB&TS has taught us to convince the people we meet in field service to study with us. If they object we say that it would be foolish not to find out what their Church has done wrong in the past, and to be open to new information.......it should apply to active witnesses too.

    "The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out" Prov 18:15 TNIV

    Always get to hear all the sides of the story before you dicide what to believe.

    I pray for you both.

    Agent Smith

  • sass_my_frass

    for you both.

  • kerj2leev
    Has anyone met Mrs. Cognac?

    Here we go!!!

  • AuldSoul
    I feel hurt, I feel like she has been talking behind my back and hiding things. I have asked her to stop coming to this site and she keeps on coming back. I am not posting this behind her back, she is right here with me. Her username is Cognac if you would like to verify this. I have spoken to somebody else on this website also due to my investigation. My wife tells me his name is Flipper.

    Is that what this site promotes? I have read that this website accuses the society of being a secret society. Like the society "sweeps things under the rug." But, realistically, peoples mates are hiding behind this website from there own mates. Is that not secrecy?

    I understand why you feel this way. Secrecy is what the organization promotes. People who wish to openly investigate such things in other religions may do so without any fear from their religion and without dread that their spouse may abandon them (on the grounds of "Spiritual Endangerment") should their decisions be affected by what they choose to study out.

    Since that is not the case among Jehovah's Witnesses, those who wish to exercise their Christian freedom to study out things they are taught to see whether they originate with God must do so very carefully or risk the wrath of a petty and vengeful organization. Such morbid fear of losing the affection of loved ones is a very strong fear, a fear deeply and intentionally ingrained in Jehovah's Witnesses. But you know this already. This fear, intentionally created by the organization, forces any who would honestly investigate accusations against the organization to do so secretively, even keeping their honest inquiry secret from their most dearly loved ones.

    In my case, I did not hide my investigations from my wife and got the joyous pleasure of multiple elder's visits that ultimately resulted in my submitting a disassociation letter prior to being hauled into a Judicial Committee meeting on the charges of apostasy. I later experienced the congregation's love by discovering that my father and mother were often encouraging my wife to separate from me on the grounds of Spiritual Endangerment. My father was her congregation's Presiding Overseer and a man she deeply respected long before she and I got married. My marriage of eight years nearly ended as a direct result of my lack of secrecy, my unabashed candor almost cost me my wife and did cost me my extensive family.

    So, I freely recommend that people keep their search secret until they are confident they have cause to outrightly reject what the organization teaches as doctrines of a false religion. Can you think of a good reason to recommend otherwise, given what you personally KNOW of the organization?


  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board. When you both keep saying you love each other. I do hope that will continue. You asked

    If the truth divides families, then so doesn't this.

    So then, who is right and who is wrong?

    I am the Granny on board . I will tell you ! if you continue with the Watchtower mind set. & she continues to find out the lies the WT has sparked. that LOVE of yours will have to be very very strong. I KNOW my daughter loves me. But when I was d/f for NOT believing Jesus came in 1914. She HAD to stop loving me per the elders orders. So be careful Both of you...Educate your selves about the history of the WT God bless

    Grace Gough.

  • sir82

    Part ot Cognac's first post, January 2008:

    I just recently became a pioneer and always had nagging questions in the back of my mind. So, I decided that when I have get a study I would research all the questions as I go along so as to prove everything in the truth... I got 4 studies in about 2 months. All was fine, until I reached I think chapter 6 in the Bible Teach book about the resurrection. It just tells you there that people are going to be resurrected to the earth. Right there, in the middle of my study I sat there and looked up every scripture trying to prove that there would be a resurrection to earth. Had to stop the entire study to go home and research this. I looked up everything, couldn't find the answer. Then, all of a sudden, I had about a hundred million questions that I cant get answered and I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me....

    So, lurking since December 2006 (as Sarabi), but didn't read anything on this whole site that posed an "unanswerable question" at all? And you only ran into these "unanswerable questions" after starting a study with someone else "recently", presumably many months after beginning to read here?

    I'm sure you have a perfectly good reason for this apparent discrepancy which you'll share with us soon. Just sounds odd, is all.

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    No comment. Make your own mind up. Just information:


  • bluesbreaker59

    Welcome Sarabi!!!

    Please come on in, take off your coat and shoes, and stay a while!

    As for "losing" your wife, that only happens, if you were to practice the "art" of shunning, or if you were to try and force her to do things she doesn't want to do, like go to the elders about her questions, etc. As stated earlier by someone, you did take a vow before God to stick by your wife, and that bond is not to be broken by men, you know the verse, "What God has yoked together, let no man put apart." So if the elders found out, and pressured you to do something, they would be going directly against the counsel of the Bible. Also the understanding / teaching of the "faithful slave" is totally contrary to what's really going on. It was brought out that the GB doesn't communicate with the "annointed", rather its that group of old men making up rules for the best interests of the "company".

    Please truly EXAMINE the history of this "group". I did and it scared the bejeebies out of me. Russell sounded like a nut case, constantly flip-flopping doctrine, then Rutherford came along and made his own predictions, they did ALL of this in the Lord's name. The Bible speaks VERY FRANKLY about people predicting things in God's name, and misleading many, those are FALSE PROPHETS!!! The Bible also talks about "do not go beyond what is written", yet the Society has PLENTY of man made rules.

    Read the Bible, not the NWT, get a King James Bible, or get a modern English translation Bible. Do research, don't just cite certain scriptures, rather, read the WHOLE chapter to understand the context of it. Question EVERYTHING.

  • oompa

    Sir82, she may have only lurked once or twice....I wonder how many dubs come here, and then feel so guilty they aux. pioneer for months as pennance...................oompa

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