Why do I feel like I'm losing my wife to this website?

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  • dawg

    Sarabi.. good to hear your voice, we've all heard such great things about you and now can read for yourselves that you are the wonderful man we've read about.

    Many people have asked you very poignant questions tonight; I hope you have the time to research all the truths you're discovering. And from what I've read, many truths are being presented. We, unlike the Elders and the "faithful slave" have nothing to hide, fact check us and see that what we say is true, feel free to correct us if you think we're wrong. You'll not be dis-fellowshipped here for asking relevant questions and correcting missteps; we are all truth seekers on this site.

    One thing that started me asking questions about this so called "organization" that I feel many left out tonight, is the date the society uses in relation to all their prophesies.. including the 1914 "invisible " presence of Christ. Fact check this, 607BC isn't the date Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians, it fell in 586BC. So that means that all false dates associated with 607BC are all wrong, and this can't be disputed.

    I believe the guys name was Carlof Johansen who wrote to the society years ago providing proof that the year 607BC was in error... he couldn't preach this lie any longer and told the society so... he was disfellowshipped for not teaching a known lie. That means the Society has known about this lie for years now and refuse to relent as they have so much invested in the date.

    You stated that you think the slave has your best interests at heart... how many of them do you know? Do you really think these men that you've never even met give one rat's behind about you and your marriage?

    Seek the truth my friend, it will be found.. and I can assure you that the more you discover you'll find that the JW religion is far from the truth,

  • sarabi


    It was nice talking to you on the phone. I could tell you have a warm and caring sincere heart. You were there for me when I wanted to talk about my wife, and the concerns that she had. You told me you served as a ministerial servent, qualities I can see you still have. You would have been a fine Elder, that the friends would have looked highly upon. Thanks again.

  • wings
    I have asked her to stop coming to this site and she keeps on coming back.

    Invalidating environment. I'm learning about that in theraphy. That is what the "organization" gives to those who have questions, or who want to think for themselves.

    This site has given me a validating envioronment. It isn't that I am hiding anything, I have just found a place to be myself, and be accepted.

    Hope that helps.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Welcome to the forum Sarabi

    I understand that you probably don't want to help me.

    The majority of people here care very much about truth, honesty and personal integrity so much so we left the JWS because of it and some posters here have been involved with the

    JWS for some 30 , 40 years.

    You might consider this forum a support group for people that are interested in becoming a JWS or folks that are gradually fading out and are looking for a different path to take.

    What you get in this forum is nothing but the truth , plain and simple in a unbiased opened minded way, its about uncovering the facts and letting everyone take in whats here

    and then having an open discussion on each topic.

    I have personally read and commented on your wife's posts and she has has some definite concerns on what has been presented to her from the Publishing House In Brooklyn.

    It appears to many here including myself that most of the religious doctrines by the WTS were contrived and established for the sole purpose of selling and promoting their literature.

    This is what a Publishing House does they sell books, many forget that the WTS is a structured business and it maintains that structure by the sales and promotion of

    its literature. Being that it is, doesn't it make sense then to analise what is written to some extent. ? Practical common sense would say yes.

    I think its important to you and your wife to put your thinking caps on and rationalize what and why the WTS teaches what it does, you may find it personally rewarding in the long run.

  • flipper

    SARABI- Thanks for the kind words . It was my pleasure to talk with you, my friend. I hope we can talk again some time ! Peace to you and your wife ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • carla

    Your kidding right?

    Ok well, lets see, could be that fact that the jw's outright asked him to lie to his wife. See? Most Christians would consider that a red flag. A group that claims to be godly and the very first thing they have to do is ask you to lie? I understand theocratic warfare is big in dubland but on the outside? Outsiders consider it unethical, lying, and just plain wrong but you may not understand the some also believe the Satan is the father of lies so where does that put the wt?

    Could also be that I am angry because he is encouraged to disgard his spouse and family at the whim of uneducated ungodly men who only care about getting in their hours so they can look good to the higher ups.

    Have you read ANY of the stories of what jw's have gone through? any of the digusting jc's that rape victims have had to sit through? You think it kind or wise when these supposedly 'good' 'helpful' elders ask little girls what kind of underwear they were wearing when an elder/uncle/father,etc. raped them? did they enjoy it? No, they are not helpful they are perverts, but then again this is just one outsiders opinion to think rape victims should be treated as victims instead of seducers. What kind of sicko mind do you men have to agree to be part of this? You don't believe it because all the jc's are done behind closed doors and victims are silenced. How different from first century Christians where these things were done at the gates in public for all to see and hear and decide for themselves.

    I could go on for ages and ages about all that is wrong and undgodly with the wt but until truth matters more to you, until God Himself matters more to you than a society of mere men you will never learn or listen or you would have read what I already wrote before. Wake up and smell the coffee, learn even it is painful for you at first. If it is really truth, then you have nothing to worry about. If the wt believed they had any sort of truth they would not try to keep you from any knowledge about the wt they would be confident enough to let you read the old stuff.

    One of the best ways of enslaving a people is to keep them from education. The second way of enslaving people is to suppress the source of information, not only by burning books but by controlling all the ways in which ideas are transmitted. - Eleanor Roosevelt May 11, 1943--- Was she talking about Nazi's or Jw's?

  • Satanus

    Did you do any reading on this site when you joined in december, 2006? What was your impression?


  • IP_SEC

    From what I've heard cognac say, you arent losing your wife. You are losing a pioneer...you are losing a go to meetin' travel partner. I dont think you are losing your wife.

    Learn to separate the real (wife) from the abstract (a religious philosophy).

    She's working with you. Give her a chance.

  • hillbilly
    I don't want to take away her freedom of thought. I want to protect my wife. I love her.

    Then let her read and learn here. You have nothing to fear ...other than finding out the truth about the "truth".

    From what I read here... as soon as your wife expressed a little independent thinking her family ratted her to the elders. Also.. her depression and other issues can be linked to association with a high control cult like the Witnesses.

    Read my posts about my ex wife... she has more to lose in this exploration than you do...


  • jwfacts

    An important question is "What is more important, to keep things as they were, or to know the truth?"

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