~ Your feelings on aging ~

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  • Nowman

    I actually am enjoying getting older, turned 34 last month. Yet, please do not think I am tooting my own horn here, but I look abnormally young, get told all the time. You know what its like to volunteer at my son and daughter fun fair (9 & 11 years old) and people thought I went to the middle school next door? Or they thought I was the sister (sister thing is not so bad) of my kids....

    Part of it is my size (I am 5 feet tall, and weigh what I am suppose to weigh), I know. Part of it is genentic, my mom looks real young too. Sometimes I am not taken seriously because its assumed I am young and inexperienced. Then stuff comes of my mouth, and I get, How old are you? I say out load proudly, 34!!!!!

    So, aging for me does not bother me. When I was 20, I looked 13, ha. I would say at this age, it was hard to look younger because you want to be older at that age. I love being in my 30s, and it is true, much more content with myself then when I was younger.


  • doofdaddy

    Geez I'm loving it!!

    Nearly 52 and just so happy in my own skin. Just got back from OS and danced 'til dawn drinking with the juniors. I've got wisdom of age, a healthy body and mind and seem to mix with all ages. I don't smoke or do drugs, I love enquiring into new stuff but enjoy meditating on the past. My family are all well and at this moment, I can say life is (very) good. The best years of my life and getting BETTER!!

  • BurnTheShips
    ~ Your feelings on aging ~

    Got a few grays on the sides of my head now.

    In my brain, I can still do anything I could when I was 18.

    I guess not.

    I ws supposed to live forever dammit.


  • jaguarbass

    Aging is rough. But it beats the alternative.

  • TopHat

    To get the perspective of and older generation before us, can I recommend a look into how they think and feel. A young man went to live at an Assisted Living home for one month and made a documentary about just this subject. "How does it feel to get old." His documentary was seen on HBO and won many awards. It is funny and sad at the same time...and the irony of it all is: I watched this young man grow up from a tiny tot. Andrew Jenks is my neighbor. http://www.andrewjenksroom335.com/

  • mouthy

    This was never supposed to happen! 80 years + by this time I was supposed to be young & beautiful sitting in my Paradise garden with my Elephant & all my little creatures running around, & I could be playing on the hole of a snake... BUT!!! Instead ,I crawled out of bed, with my aching back,brushed my balding grey hair ,to the computer, to see what is happening in JWD land.
    Well as I have said before kiddies,,, It "aint" Golden!!!! Rusty in MY veiw.
    My advice to you all,is look after your "tents"( body) that harbour your souls,Because when the twilight years come & they will. You will have LOTS!!!! of time to sit back & reflect on all the stupid things you did back when....
    my 2 cents

  • Robdar

    This is the oldest I've ever been in my entire life!

  • misanthropic

    I'm not in that age bracket quite yet but I'm embracing getting older. I know as far as being comfortable in my own skin; I feel secure with myself now much more then I did as a teenager or my early 20's.
    There's a certain confidence life experience gives that you can't get without aging. I don't necessarily dread getting older- not wasting the time I have left is what I think about most.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Other than the aches and pains I'm enjoying it.

    My children are grown, my husband and I can do whatever we want without thinking about the kids. We are stable in our jobs/career, have a little money put aside and are pretty healthy, you know no diabetes, HTN, high cholesterol, etc.......

    I would not want to go back to my 20's or 30's I'm happy were I am and looking forward to 50's


  • JH

    I don't like aging, but I think I don't look 48, and I still feel young and can do as much as when I was younger. I don't wear glasses, but my eyesight went down since the last 5.5 years, since I'm way too often in front of a computer. I prefer to blame the monitor than the fact that I,m aging....

    I'm sure God will bring his kingdom soon, and I'll be young again.....

    Oh, just wanted to add, that I must be getting old since I can't hear sounds over 15 khz anymore......... but I don't really care since there isn't anything interesting at that frequency...

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