Has anyone had visits from those that have crossed over?

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  • jaguarbass

    On the picture I just sent there are 2 orbs on the window. This was taken right after my father died in the house. Either magnify the orbs or stand back and look at them. Some will see 2 faces one a dog and one my Aunt. Or you can say its nothing. But thats what I have for you on this topic.

    It's kind of like a hollogram. Either you will see it or you wont. I know people that say they can see the faces as clear as day. And I know people that say they cant see anything and I am full of baloney.

    The dogs name is ecker.

    I had never heard of orbs until my father died. Then they started appearing everywhere.

    Today 5 years latter I never see them. People that believe in this stuff believe that deceased loved ones come back to help those that are dying cross over. I got some pictures somewhere where 10 generations must have shown up and these were right after my father died.

    If you want to get pictures of orbs today. Your best luck will be to go to a cemetary. Often you will be able to photograph orbs in a cemetary.

    Google it if you dont believe me.

  • crazyblondeb

    I just want to pop in and say how I find this fascinating.

    When my dad died, I knew it to the minute. I didn't get any phone calls.......

    I get that 6th sense alot.....would love to learn how to develop it better.

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