Has anyone had visits from those that have crossed over?

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  • TweetieBird

    Right after my dad died (he had disassociated himself 10 years before he died) is when I finally felt compelled to start investigating all of the things he tried to tell me about the organization. This was such a strong feeling that I felt like it was supernatural in nature. I mentioned this to my brother who had left the organization about the same time my dad did and he told me that dad always felt like I would come around someday. I don't know if it was just coincidence, but I definitely felt like my dad was urging me on to find out the truth about "the truth".

  • FlyingHighNow
    I've had a seance that worked. I don't know if it was a crossed over something, but whatever it was, it did what I asked, but not in the exact way that I asked, so I know it understood me, but didn't read my mind and do it exactly the way I asked. Sorry to be vague. I've posted about it before and don't want to type it out again.
    Do you have a link? Burn

    I tired to search for it, but the search feature won't allow me to search FlyingHighNow specifically. If you can get a search to work for me, try putting in Lady of the Tracks as a phrase. Long story. If we can't find it, when I have more time I will post my experience. I just got done with work and am taking Julian to the Dove Family Film Festival.

  • dinah

    Judge Rutherford has taken up residence in my computer. It's the only explanation I can find. Who else tries to sell you crap against your will?

  • jaguarbass

    I was talking with my brother instant message this weekend he told me he has seen my father who died 5 years ago face to face, since his death. My brother also does out of body work. He got information to do this from this man. http://www.mikepettigrew.com/afterlife/html/bruce_moen.html

    I tried several times to post my brothers conversation regarding seeing my father face to face but this site will not copy the format.

    This is what my brother said as I copy it from my documents.

    "I've personally seen dad face to face after he died. And no I was not sleeping. I was walking to my bedroom door and he was standing right in the door and we were face to face.

    My brother also got into orbs after my father died. He sent me a picture of my aunts in my deceased fathers living room. And in that picture is an orb. When that orb is blown up, magnified there is a drawing of my dead aunt and my parents dead poodle. I have the picture somewhere, but have gone through 3 computers since I got it. So its on a cd somewhere in my room. But I am going to look for it and I will send it to you and you can see this orb. Also I am going to contact my brother right now to see if he can send me a copy of the picture. In a period of a month after my fathers death this picture was taken. Also in that period cameras in my family and cameras taking pictures of me and my family werer capturing many orbs. Now 5 years after my fathers death my cameras never capture orbs.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yep, I was just chatting with Alexander the Great and Shakespeare last week over dinner. Seems they regret dying because they can't talk, think, breath, act, appear, or affect anything because they're dead.

  • BabaYaga
  • odie67

    I'm not sure...

    but after my brother died, I was crying all the time, very distressed. About two months later I had a dream that he came to me and hugged me told me to stop crying and to be strong, he also told me that the people around me thought that I was weak.

    the day after he died I kept getting warm breezes coming from different directions, whenever I would look at the tree outside my house a breeze would blow through it...I felt like it was some type of comfort given to me..

    I was raised not to believe in an afterlife but this experience made me doubt that.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    This thread is by far my favorite. It's late right now and I have to get to bed, but I have had experiences such as pre-feeling events and feeling the history of some places that I walk. I really feel energy concentrations in certain places. I also forsee in visions in my mind events that do end up happening. It has happened a total of about 5 times. Recently, I've begun seeing from the periferral of my vision moving shadows. I know I'm not nuts. I feel sane and interact with others just fine. My life is stable and everything. So many people seeing and feeling very similar things can't be wrong. I really think there is something to the paranormal and metaphysical. My daughter can read a person's good or bad vibes by just walking towards them. She is right every time.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    And...Yes, my camera has captured orbs and also strange clear see through white strings in the middle of the picture that is not the handle for the camera. It's also captured a shadow where there should not be a shadow. It's very cool! I'm happy this is happening.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Flying High...

    I found your posts. ..

    Very cool. Thank you! I'll go look at them now.

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