Has anyone had visits from those that have crossed over?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I thought I had elaborated more than on those links. I know I have posted about this experience more than once. Maybe if I feel like it tomorrow, I will come and post a more detailed experience of the seance. Then I'll copy it to my computer so I can have it for future threads. I've told the story so many times over the years that I don't like having to type it up. But I will if you guys really want me to. It was amazing and I will remember it as long as I live, as do the others who were there for the experience. I won't ever do that again, because who knows what the thing was. I know it never tried to hurt us. Who knows?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    The following website has over 700 stories from everyday people who have communicated with those that have passed. Scroll halfway down the first page to get to the most recent submission.


  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman


    I have found your comments on this subject quite refreshing.

    I agree with many here - I think the JW view is wrong but I also feel that death of the human body is not the end, perhaps merely the beginning.

    I have never had an experience of contact from the other side - but I think I would like to, it would boost my confidance of life after death.

    There is a TV show produced in the UK hosted by Colin fry, he is a spirit medium.
    To say I was sceptical of such people at one time is putting it mildly.
    But after watching him - it is truly amazing. The specific details he provides about dead loved ones it fascinating.

  • nelly136

    in dream form

    after my dad died i found myself standing at folkestone harbour and waving him off into the sun as he sailed off on a little boat with his bags packed and his fishing rod, i could feel the warmth of the sun flowing over me. it was in vivid colour seemed so real i was almost surprised i didnt wake up with a suntan.

    (i put this down as comfirmation that my dads death although very fast and unexpected was his release and that he had no regrets)

    in wake

    shortly after i'd had my dog put down and buried him, i got up from the sofa and had to step over him at my feet. (just the once)

    i get fleetings of the occassional cat walking into my bathroom, i used to think its one of my own cats but the bathrooms empty so i dont bother checking these days.

    while i was having a reiki session the other day i saw my dad in my minds eye and we hugged and for a moment i could feel the sun again (only the 2nd time i've seen him since his death) its was just confirmation of my dream i think.

    when it comes to psychics , i'm not interested in the usual general patter that would cover about just anyone, child hood sicknesses, losing some one when you were young etc, and i never ask a question (to give them a clue) cos i feel if theres something i need to know they'll tell me (theyre the psychic right?) i sit deadpan while they work and clock up the 'could apply to anyones/hits/misses' in my head.

    the one i saw that i actually rated described my place of work, the old gal sitting at home babysitting while i was out to a T (and she was an unusual old bird), described the explosion of my family....could see he was struggling with that one cos he didnt understand it but the general analogy was pretty spot on, he gave me an apology from my dad.

    so whether theyd class as sightings i dont know, could be down to my subconscious,i try and keep an open mind and just enjoy the moment.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I have very strongly sensed, but not seen - maybe I don't need to see.

    2 main occasions in my life -

    When my dog died, I 'knew' she was lying at the top of the stairs with her tail wagging on a couple of occasions. She would also be lying at my bedside sometimes.

    At the very moment my mum died in the operating theatre, she was very present in my house - even my two cats were watching her, we all simultaneously looked at the same place - at 8.42am. She wasn't here long, just letting me know she was ok I guess. The phone call came a few minutes after.

  • Sirona
    There is a TV show produced in the UK hosted by Colin fry, he is a spirit medium.
    To say I was sceptical of such people at one time is putting it mildly.
    But after watching him - it is truly amazing. The specific details he provides about dead loved ones it fascinating.


    Some think its strange, but I do consider each medium I see from a skeptical standpoint. I listen hard for evidence - specifics which the medium couldn't have just "made up". I also listen for leading cues...where the medium says something very vague and then when the person confirms it, the medium then makes it more and more specific on that one point.

    For instance, a medium I saw recently did this (not word for word but from my memory) .... "Are you thinking of changing your job?"

    Person replied "yes"

    Medium "oh yes...well your grandad is telling me you are thinking of changing your job and its a good idea...he's saying that"

    Now, as a skeptic I would say that this medium had a lucky guess in the first instance, but if the person had replied "No" then he'd have thought of something else to say.

    Other mediums I've seen say something and railroad the person into agreeing. Like saying "you are thinking of changing your job....yes you are...you are aren't you? thats what they're saying".....all the time the person is kind of looking uncertain but finally nods their head because they've been almost forced to say yes.

    However, despite "mediums" existing who do this, I've seen some genuine mediums who are astoundingly accurate and don't lead the person. I've also, in my preliminary studies, given messages - and I'm always always careful to never lead the person or ask them questions. I say what I'm being shown by spirit and thats it. The few times I've done messages (so far!) I've gotten names which were accurate (and not common names) and other private information that I couldn't have known, including descriptions of the person who passed, despite me not knowing anyone involved. I was shocked myself at first!

    Colin Fry - I'm not 100% sure about him. Part of the reason for this is that they can edit out all the times he might get it wrong. Also there isn't definate proof that he hasn't researched the audience first. I would accept it if I saw him in person and if I knew he didn't know the audience first. There is a good chance he is genuine.

    I feel the same way about spirit communications. I think that many stories of spirit contact are true. Some are not because there is sometimes another scientific / logical explanation for what happened.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Sirona, what do you think of Derek Acora (sp?)

    I've heard him on radio shows quite a lot and some of the things he has said without apparently 'leading' have seemed quite astounding. He holds a lot of the same views as you, for example a 'higher power/force' of some sort, and people being healed in the afterlife etc.

  • Jim_TX

    I've had several experiences - but nothing 'concrete'. Mainly feelings.

    I usually have the breeze - in areas where there is none. Once when walking to the mailbox, it was the dead of summer - not a breeze anywhere. Except... as I walked - the trees would begin to move - and a breeze would blow - just at the area I was walking past. I thought it very odd - and looked at the other trees around the area - none of them were blowing - just the ones that I walked past - which would cease - after I passed by.


    My wife - is very sensitive to 'odd' things. We have visited a couple of sites where she has experienced - or had 'feelings'. One was a local mission - built in the 1700's. As we were exploring it on a Sunday morning, she walked down an area that dead-ended into a walled area. She came out of there really fast - saying that she got really bad vibes from there - as if many met their death there.

    On another occassion - when we were walking through the USS Lexington - which is a WWII ship - we got seperated for a minute. When we met up later, she said that she was walking down one passage - thinking that I was right behind her. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. Thinking it was me - she turned around... to no one there.


    The best one is my old Aunt - who is now deceased. She was over 90 years old when I would visit her. She was a Mormon - and claimed that she could 'see' people - after they passed on (usually just as they died).

    One occurrance that she told me was of when my mother - who was a devout JW (complete with their 'asleep in death' teachings). My Aunt said that she saw my mother when she passed. She said that she (my Aunt) was sitting in her living room, and she looked up to see my mother - looking about - confused. She said that she called out to my mom... 'Doris?' (not her real name) - and then my mother disappeared.

    I truly believe this... as you can only imagine a JW - passing on - not quite what they believed would happen... that might add a bit of confusion to their state.

    So... yes. I believe that there is something beyond. I do not have any experence that I can point to that I can use as 'proof'. Just a feeling.


    Jim TX

  • LouBelle

    wow thanks for posting! I don't think any of you are nuts. In my constant search, even as a JW and since leaving I've had my odd experiences. When a JW, the entities were always "evil, not nice". Once I left I told them they weren't welcome anymore and since then have had nothing - I feel that they played on my fears of demons, perhaps trying to keep me in that faith, because the experiences always happend when I found a "gem of truth" **shrug**

    my second experience was when I was out and feeling particularly close to god/universe and was thinking about my grandfather - he and I were very close and he had died when I was 9. I was wondering about the afterlife and if it existed, wondering led to worry and stress. He came to me in a dream, we also knew he was dead (but alive - if that makes sense) He told me he was fine and that I shouldn't worry anymore. And I haven't.

    BurnTheShips - sometimes you confuse me (re: your first comment) You must be going through your faithful phase then - cause I'm all full of doubts

    Mumz - your first post had me in tears - they just popped outta my eyes.

    Sirona - you're making a lot of sense. I've enjoyed reading your posts - Thank you.

    And thank you to everyone else!

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