It looks like I will become an elder this week!

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  • besty

    seems rude to miss the opportunity to make a trinity of contiguous Scotsman posts :-)

    My take is that you have to be true to yourself - OOTB has to ask himself about his reputation and his personal integrity.

    Where's Ninja - we could go for 4 in a row here :-)

  • scotsman
    we want to remove the old WT traits not pursue them.

    LOLSounds like Watchtower speak to me.

    Hypocrisy is a human trait, and we all engage in it to differing degrees. Feigning a belief while attending meetings, accepting the label of JW while not believing their doctrines are, to me, hypocritical. But understandable. LittleToe is one of the few who left with integrity, and no hypocrisy, but that route isn't for everyone.

    OOTB may manage to be an elder for a while, but it's unlikely he'll sustain it. If you cease to believe then you'll only remain for the power trip, and he doesn't sound like that. Please note that I'm not saying "power to you" to OOTB - i think he's on a hiding to nowhere that he'll find unpleasant an unproductive, but i'm not prepared to damn him.

  • scotsman

    lol at Besty. You're way to anglified these days! Or is it Californiaised?

  • SirNose586

    My only concern was the mental toll exacted upon ones' self, knowing what you teach is false. The "flashes of good" as an elder are far and few between. These critical moments of advising the victim to go to the police first, of telling teens masturbation is normal, etc., would be surrounded by a sea of meaningless busywork. Besides, if the congregation doesn't feel comfortable with you already, they'll just go to the PO with their problems.

    If they're reaching out to a bad candidate, then you know that the BoE is swamped with work. They'll unload all of the crap assignments to him. And so it will continue, week after week of preparing for and giving bull**** talks, week after week of bull**** bookstudy conducting, and week after week of bull**** field circus. Long elders meetings into the night. We all know the routine, and it's exhausting.

    As an MS I had to rock a good mask, but it was easier because I wasn't as deeply involved as an elder. I don't know how long you plan on rocking the mask, outofthebox. Even with the best intentions, after a few months, I do believe you'll regret taking the promotion.

    I make no personal judgments on you outofthebox, because I know you want to do some good, and I'm not going to scold you. However, the one person you need to help is yourself.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Scotsman said - "Hypocrisy is a human trait, and we all engage in it to differing degrees"

    This is an absolute truth.

    ps - do not ever accuse me of watchtower speak!!! lol

    THE Scotsman

  • scotsman
    ps - do not ever accuse me of watchtower speak!!! lol

    sorry, the combination of old, traits and pursue gave me the heebie jeebies. You'll loose the wtbts accent eventually!

  • chikikie

    the thing Id like to mention is, OOTB, ' There are many witnesses who say they left because of a elder, not being a true elder, lying, favourtising, etc' You dont want to be that elder. I cant imagine anyone wanting be that ever, best to leave making your position clear. I mean in a congregation there are 6/7 elders, and they are right when they look to appoint new elders it is because they want to offload some assignments on some poor sap. They wont offload any respobsibility until they know for absolute sure you 'are one of them' in coruptness. I cant magine how anyone, like yourself, with a consious and is a good person, would want to put them thru it. Think of all the pressure, I presume you are american OOTB, only a crazy american would even consider this, lol just joking, seriously again dont do it.

    Shame on you that are encouraging him!!!

  • Quirky1


    I faked my hours
    I have celebrated my first birthday
    I have been writing in this forum
    I have been reading "apostate" literature
    I have been showing the hard truths to my family and several elders
    I don't comment in the meetings, unless is from the Bible
    I don't close my eyes in the prayers or agree to them with an "amen"
    I have talked to disfellowshipped people
    I am swearing a little
    And I don't believe for a second the JW are the true religion

    The "I's" have it!


  • Gerard

    IMO, don't take additional responsibilities. Stay under the radar and fade away.

    My 2 cents.

  • digderidoo

    OOTB i dont get it?

    I know i have joined this one late and alot has been said. But if you dont believe that what JW's teach is correct then why put yourself in a prominent position. People get hurt by elders actions and decisions. Many here are recovering from these decisions. So why contemplate this offer if you dont believe its the truth?


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