It looks like I will become an elder this week!

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  • cantleave

    Wow - I can't think of anything more reproachable than accepting an appointment when you know the leadership is responsible for so much heartache. How is this guy going to deal with JC's, when he knows they are just kangaroo courts designed to make the Elders look important and influential? Lots of us have family in and need to be careful, but there is a line between not getting DF'd and becoming part of the problem.

  • hotchocolate

    Actually, cantleave, I disagree completely.

    He is not part of the problem, he is part of the solution. One of the best ways to help people out of this cult is by working incognito. God, I would love a closet apostate on the body of elders I was involved with!

    Possibly he may be able to prevent a disfellowshipping at least. Or maybe he has already by the date of the original post?

    If you can do it, it's all good in my opinion. Yay!

  • tjlibre

    In all honesty. I think that you should use this opportunity for good. If you have mentally renounced to the WT indoctrination, then you should now try to find the true meaning of Christianity. (My opinion)

    I speak from my own experience. I prayed hard to God the night I was appointed as an elder.

    Before I became an elder:

    -I had realized that we did not have the “truth”. That we were just another religion.

    -Began to read other bible translation and non-WT publications

    -Just finished reading R.F CoC

    Now that I’m an elder I:

    -Continue reading other bible translation and bible commentaries

    - Am reading R.F In Search of Christian Freedom

    - Began to openly encourage the young ones in my cong to pursue a career and put off “pioneering” and other service “privilege” until they are ready to make a good living.

    - When a new person show interest in getting baptized, I encourage them to first look at the history of the “Organization” before making a full commitment. I tell them, that this is not a perfect religion, therefore, that it’s better to be aware of the mistakes NOW before getting baptized than AFTER.

    -When an irregular bro/sis tells me that they were not able to “preach” that month I ask them, 1) have you been reading your bible? 2) are you praying to Jehovah? 3) Are you taking care of your family’s financial and emotional needs? If the answer is yes, I bluntly tell them “you nothing to worry about”. (You should see the looks in their eyes, 95% of the time they look relief)

    And many other things, I feel some of the appointments are coming from the HS while other don’t (remember the parable of the wheat and the weeds). It’s what we do with the opportunity that counts, I think it is not a coincidence that so many elders are getting appointed being fully aware of the mistakes and fallacies of the WT Org.

    But until they catch me, I’ll continue my campaign. My current circumstances allow me certain level of freedom, so I’ll use it for what I think is a good cause.

    So my advice to OUTOFTHEBOX is, if you are not planning to genuinely help those in the BOX…decline the appointment, accepting it will do more harm to you and others than good.

  • BluesBrother


    I hate ressurected threads ! I fall for it all the time

  • Chalam

    Welcome tjlibre!

    Good to have you here :)



  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm new here, obviously, (have been lurking for many months, though) and have been strongly considering how to work out my fade. I'm currently a MS and on track to becoming an elder. After reading tjlibre's post above, I'm reconsidering not doing the fade. I've gone back and forth on it and tjlibre has me leaning toward staying in and trying to help people.

    But it's so hard to stay...I have a family and don't want them stuck in or worse, becoming hardcore true believers.

    What a mess. . .

  • Chalam

    Welcome MS!

    But it's so hard to stay...I have a family and don't want them stuck in or worse, becoming hardcore true believers.

    Amen! You owe it to your kids to prevent them from hearing the constant lies and deception from the WT.

    As for adults, it is every man (and woman) for themselves. You can try to help them but some people just want the blue pill.

    All the best,


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Is he still an elder NOW? How has it gone for you, OOTB? Were you able to do the good you wanted to do?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I checked his posts and he's not an elder anymore.

  • inbetween

    thats the big issue for us still in and having privileges,

    if leaving the org is out of question (for family reasons) what ist best:

    1) keep the rpivileges, use the "power" too soften the strict rule, to help others see the "truth", to prevent other elders running wild ?


    2) stepp down, for your won conscience, sooner or later you get into conflict with what you know and you either show your true colour or you violate your own conscience,

    These two option are in my mind lately, even during the night, praying to God (whoever he is) for direction...

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