so i started the jeep in the darage

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  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    Is it Jesus H. Christ ..........or is it

    Jesus A. Christ?

    I always thought it was Jesus "Jumped Up" Christ . . . thats what my father called him when he banged his thumb with a hammer

    My Gramps said it was Jesus "F**king" Christ

    OOMP . . good to see you back and in better spirits!


  • VoidEater

    oompa: Are you aware of what exactly is making life so unbearable? Maybe I haven't read enough, or listened enough, and you've already said plainly what the core issue is...or is it just the general sense of being taken for a ride by the WTS? Cheers -ve

  • DJK
    But I feel I do need the "tuff luv" treatment.

    Is it possible the one you want tuff love from, who knows you so much better than all of us here on the board, also knows you are not ready to take a big step to make some positive changes?

    Nine pages of posts and the last few from you tell me your not ready.

    If I were your friend living near enough to you, I would give you a dope slap and drag you into a professional. That kind of tuff love isnt going to work if your not willing.

    I can and do support you as do others here. It's all worthless unless your ready.

    I can only hope that you will soon post something to prove the compassion extended to you has made you ready and strong enough to make some positive changes.

  • BizzyBee
    All of the above posters berated the rest of us for being kind

    Nah. Go back and re-read the posts. Strong remarks were initially directed only to OOMPA. The berating came from the 'kind' ones, ultimately resulting in being removed.

    BTW, you could take some lessons in classiness from Abandoned:

    I stand by my posts because I think I did the right thing. At the same time, there does seem to be a bit of wisdom in what Outlaw, Odrade, and Bizzy Bee have done. It appeared to me that you were being a bit heartless but maybe that's the way it's done. I don't know. The bottom line is that you were more right than I had given you credit for. p.s. I'll still probably respond the same way if I see someone who I think is considering suicide....

  • JK666


    Let's look at the facts, post mortem.

    I am glad that you are proud of yourself. Keep patting yourself on the back, if that is what you are in this for. You are receiving your reward in full. Enjoy it while it lasts. Self-righteousness only get you a brief high.

    The same for Odrade and Outlaw.

    I even understand the reason that Oompa is open to your comments TODAY, not at that time. This is understandable considering the nature of his disease. After the fact, we are the best at kicking our own ass after the light of day dawns.

    I really appreciate all of those who were on the side of compassion. Here is a bit of the email I sent to my com padres:

    "Don't let the armchair quarterbacks get to you. We were on the right team with Oompa. What the mean idiots don't get is that he was drunk, suicidal, off of his psych meds, in a blackout. The stuff they said might have some credence, BUT TIMING IS EVERYTHING! He had a Jeep running in the garage and a shotgun on his lap that thankfully jammed. We were just trying to get him to survive the night.

    What they did was tantamount to yelling JUMP to someone on the roof of a building. How stupid can they be? Do they think we just want to mollycoddle him? Hell, I just wanted him to survive the night so I can kick his ass when he is lucid and can remember it.

    Well, the idiots can bask in their supposed glory now, but we reached our objective. He is alive today. Thank you for being a loving, compassionate person."

    If Oompa had only had your comments last night, he may have been a "true" post mortem. Could you live with that responsibility? You would probably just say: "not your problem."

    May Outlaw, Odrade, and BizzyBee [fill in the blanks with the most vile comments that would be restricted by the moderators for good reason]. You would have made great elders.



    Oompa..So your back in on piece are you?..No lopped off fingers or toes?..LOL!!..God I hate it when I have to deal with people that need emergency treatment because of alcohol.....As you can see,theres a lot of people that care about you..Don`t put them through that again..You need some sort of support group..We`re not cut out for it..So it`s up to you to find it..Good luck on your recovery..I`ll send you some deer entrails..Normally I send a Drunk Penguin,but that would only get you started again..LOL!!.................BizzyBee..You beat the bottle..Your to be admired...............................I`ve delt with family members,who had alcohol problems..They needed to know the truth about what they were doing.....None ever listened when I was a nice guy.........Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • JK666


    You have proved my point.


    Enjoy yourself . . . and your dog


    JK666..My post was to Oompa..Not your self rightous ass....You know more about sex with house pets than I care to know..I find you a bit Creepy...OUTLAW

  • JK666

    Mountain man,

    Have fun with the livestock.



    JK666.I think your job as a Speed Bump,in the Walmart parking lot is making you a bit cranky..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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