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  • Highlander

    LOL @ this thread.

    I think everyone needs to calm down a bit and not get so uptight about their respective careers. It is true, that here in LA you can find thousands of unprofessional massage therapists, that doesn't mean that it's like that everywhere else.

    As mentioned, there are other professions that are not always taken seriously. I personally love a good chiropractor when I have an injury to my back, yet many people still view them as quacks and not deserving of recognition in the medical field.

    I'm a certified auto mechanic(now working in a different field), yet I don't find it offensive when people refer to mechanics as being dishonest scumbags. I know that there are some dishonest scumbag mechanics out there that make the rest look bad. Hell, I even think that most mechanics are dishonest or incompetent. Big deal. Live with it, or get a new career. Quite frankly, we will always have detractors towards whatever our personal careers are. It's just the way it is.

  • mkr32208

    Ps that was a JOKE! Since I WAS a LMT and owned a Massage business that actually specialized in sports medicine and deep neuromuscular (and after 45 minutes of that you don't WANT a happy ending!) I have the right to a sense of humor!!

  • anewme

    I feel I was completely on topic with my viewpoint. The perception of the massage therapist as sex worker is still out there. That is the view the original poster expressed and I must agree that the public perception is still an obstacle that all law abiding massage therapists must deal with.

    When they work with a doctor, when they join the Chamber of Commerce, when they offer their services to charity, when they make videos, write books and otherwise openly invest in their community and bring their services out into the light of day, this dispels the gossip that they are doing anything but legit massage in their offices.

    I commend those of you who are doing such a wonderful job to bring legitimate therapeutic massage to our towns and cities. I believe it is a healing practice and welcomed alternate therapy.

    I wish you good luck in your careers!
    I hope my statements assure you I am for you and not against you in your success.


  • White Dove
    White Dove


    You don't know why being a massage therapist for famous groups didn't get her into trouble? Because she was a PROFESSIONAL. She was DOING HER JOB. They didn't expect anything different.

    Good question about how can such virginally/talibanically "clean" and "pure" people not get their knickers in a bind about this when they can't even ride in a car with each other. I think their illogical reasoning leaches into everything. Everyone likes a massage, so that could be why they don't bat an eyelash about it.

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Yeah, why didn't the puritan elders have a field day with that one? Not sure. They are so anti-everything having to do with men and womyn mixing that this is weird. I meant trouble as in legal ethical trouble. I might see your point now.

  • Hortensia

    I didn't read the rest of this thread, Carla. I am extremely offended and feel all massage therapists need an apology from you. Extremely offended doesn't even begin to describe how pissed off I am. It's people like you, with nasty nasty little minds, who make life hard for massage therapists. I know a LOT of JW massage therapists as well as many others and NONE of us do "happy endings." Yet we have to put up with obscene phone calls and nasty innuendos and little "wink-wink" expression from creeps like you.

  • rebel8

    I agree, at least here in jw fundie land, it would not be acceptable for a dub.

    1. Potential for being alone, or as they call it, unchaperoned--with a member of the opposite sex. Doesn't matter if you're 19 and he's 90. Chaperoning is mandatory.

    2. Rubbing a member of the opposite sex. I do not know any jws who would think this is ok, even if for medical purposes. If wearing 2 buttons undone on your blouse is cause for a trip to the interrogation room, I imagine actual touching would be a big drama for them.

    3. Then there is the whole issue of alternative therapies being demonic. This might not be an issue for everyone but certainly the idea of deep relaxation is considered an opening for demons. Here they do not do yoga so I cannot see how getting an aromatherapy massage with relaxation music playing while you get a massage is any different from that (in their minds).

    4. Obviously a big difference btwn sex workers and professional licensed massage therapists. Obvious to the intelligent critical thinkers, that is. I don't personally know any dubs who think clearly enough to distinguish this.

  • carla

    hahaha, an apology you must be kidding? apparently you did not read ANY of my posts! No apologies for asking why a jw would not consider it a dfing job when part of the job is to have someone naked in a room by yourself when an old lady is not allowed to sit in a car with a younger man for fear she might jump his bones. It had nothing originally to do with happy endings or what massages consisted of. Get real.

    Good grief, read the damn posts especially the first one, I in no inferred that massage therapists were prostitues.

    Some people just look for ways to be offended in life.

  • BrentR

    As long as we are on the topic of not reading posts I already mentioned that I currently treat seven JW's and one of them is a CO. I also treat several hardcore LDS members. In my area it is not an issue so why did you have to make it one? Your assertion was so far off I was not even offended just very annoyed that there are a small handful of people that still think like that. It makes our job all the more challenging when we have to deal with ignorance and false generalizations. It not an issue with JW's or I would not be treating them. They all know that I am no longer a JW so you would think they would have two reasons to avoid me but they don't. Just had one in today oddly enough.

  • flipper

    Hey Everybody, if you get a chance, please refer to my thread, ( Can We All Just Get Along? ) Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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