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  • Odrade

    This is all rather insulting. A legitimate massage therapist does NOT give happy endings, and the client is not exposing the private bits. Passing rumors around hmmm? Shame on you.

  • carla

    Well, I learn so darn much on this board! I thought only guys get happy endings, ladies too? hmm, where's that Yellow Pages gone to?

  • Highlander

    A few years ago I chatted online with a j-dub massage therapist. She happened to be visiting in the same city I live in. It was late at night and she was insisting upon coming over to my place and giving me a full body massage.(keep in mind I had never met her offline prior to her proposal) I declined, mostly because I was very ill that night and also because I was trying to be a good little dubbie. I wonder if she had come over, would I have received a happy ending from her? I think the answer is yes.

  • Highlander
    A legitimate massage therapist does NOT give happy endings,

    I'm sure that's true in most areas, but here in SoCal, you aren't a legitimate massage therapist unless you offer happy endings as part of your services.

  • BrentR

    750 hrs. is not exactly "little schooling", each state has different requirements before you can challenge the written and practical tests. It also gets a bit annoying when people continue to sexualize a profession that is not in any way sexual. Plenty of JW's are nurses or doctors and they have far more invasive procedures to perform then any massage therapist ever will. In WA state I have to have a license, malpractice insurance and continuing education courses to practice massage therapy.

    Considering that I often treat children and senior citizens it's pretty sick on your part to associate my profession in any way as sexual. What part of treating whiplash, muscle and tendon strain, chronic headaches and soft itissue inflammation do you consider as un-seemly? I'm curious. Do you also think that male proctologists are gay or female OB/GYN's are lesbians?

    If you are going to sexualize one health profession why don't you just do it to all of them?

    My sister is a flight nurse for Airlift Northwest and is a JW married to an elder. She quite often has to insert foley catheters into male and female bladers. That involves direct genital contact and she is paid to do her job so I guess that makes her a prostitute in your mind? What about her getting rectal core temps on hypothermia patients?

    Before you make sweeping ignorant statements about a profession you may want to familiarize yourself a little bit more about that profession. I have devoted seventeen years as an LMP trying to educate the public what massage is and is not. It looks my work is far from done.

  • tula

    doesn't the scriptures recommend the "laying on of hands" to heal others?

  • 4digitcode

    i don't know why people are feeling so insulted by this thread.

    by little schooling i don't think the poster meant to diminish the commitment that it takes to take on a massage diploma. JWs don't like four year colleges so anything like an associates degree or less is a good alternative for them.

    i'm a massage therapist and i'm not offended by any of the comments here although it is true that some people still have this concept in their mind for some reason that therapists also offer sexual services. What massage therapist do you go to?? if he or she offers sexual services and advertizes them as well(i know they don't come right out and say it but you can understand by the language used) then you probably aren't going to someone who is not qualified and could even harm you.

    As therapists we have to learn anatomy and physiology extensively, diseases and disorders, precautions to massge and contraindications.

    it's as respectable a profession as any other and really helps people.

    there's always people at the hall who are going to have to say something regardless of what you do.i found the best way to survive there was to just NOT SAY ANYTHING about ANYTHING about your life. JWs are so sexually repressed they see sex everywhere.

  • 4digitcode

    another thing...

    you don't have to be a saint to refrain from crossing the line with clients. it would be unethical. most professions have a code of ethics and so do massage therapists.

    massage is an essential part of many culture's daily life such as india, madagascar and pacific islanders.

    it's not an integral part of european or american culture and has been sexualized by the media and therefore most people's perceptions are warped by this flawed representation.

    as massage therapists you see so many bodies that it becomes normal to you. isn't it the same for chiropractors, doctors, surgeons,etc?

    clients who want extras are either mistaken about what you do offer or just creeps who get excited by the idea of being in a room alone with someone and getting them to do something they didn't want to do.

    If therapists engage in such acts they either do it for the money or for their own illicit gratification.

    you don't have to be a massage therapist to have plenty of opportunities to do something ethically wrong.

    what about the scenario where a Big manager asks the new young secretary to come into his office for a "friendly chat"?
    so does that make it difficult for a person to become CEO because "think of all the temptation with secretaries walking around all day long in short skirts"

    if you care about your profession and about your own integrity, your family, etc..there is no reason why your work should stumble you.

    temptation will arise in all aspects of life. they usually come when you least expect it and where you least expect it.
    If you go into the massage profession with the wrong motives then it will probably happen not because of the profession but because of your mindset.

    ok enough.
    sorry i do care about the profession and i just wanted to make a point although a bit lengthy. but i do understand how most people view it and i didn't want to lay blame or go on the defensive.

  • carla

    All the legitimate massage therapist shouldn't take offense, there are unethical people in all occupations. My original question was not about the legitamacy of massage therapy. The original question was why don't jw's see this as a dfing job? If most things in dubdumb are about how things look I would think this job in particular could appear less than proper to a jw. As for happy endings? Apparently it does happen. I had forgotten all about that aspect. Why wouldn't it 'stumble' some jw's when so many other truly ridiculous things do?

  • JH

    In our congregation, brothers and sisters didn't shake hands entering the hall, so that we wouldn't make physical contact....

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