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  • Shawn10538

    There's no such thing as a non-sexual massage as far as men are concerned. Spend any length of time in the massage profession and you are likely to encounter a massage boner!

  • BrentR

    This thread is not about boners. It was about JW's perception of the industry and the boner aspect has allready been discused to death a couple weeks ago. Is there any reason we need to waste more time beating a dead horse?

  • BFD

    I think rebel8 answered the question perfectly.


  • Hortensia

    Carla - don't tell me who should and shouldn't take offense. After all, you implied that I and others like me are sleazy at best and whores at worst. You don't even know me.

    Highlander - I can't believe you said this: "I'm sure that's true in most areas, but here in SoCal, you aren't a legitimate massage therapist unless you offer happy endings as part of your services." I can't tell you how much is wrong with that. Where do you get your information? At the parlors you visit?

    anewme - I don't need to keep getting more and more and more education to get the respect I deserve. I respect myself and my work. I don't need you to respect me. And millions of people whose minds are NOT in the gutter already respect us and the work we do.

    I'm such a happy little person, but this kind of stuff just pisses me off. Name another profession that takes this kind of shit?

  • flipper

    Hortensia- Janitors, we get no respect. We are the Rodney Dangerfields of professions. Just ask Mr. Flipper of the detest cleaning $p&t off people's toilets for 25 years. Try soaking your toilet brush on that thought for a moment !! LOL. Lighten up people !!! Little laughter helps ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Highlander


    You really should develop a sense of a humour. Plesae don't get so uptight. You just stated that you respect yourself and that is all you need. So go on, respect yourself and don't worry about us dirty minded people here at jwd.

  • BrentR

    There is a big difference between dirty minded and just raw ignorance coupled with tired worn out stereotypes. When you misrepresent someones profession that they have worked hard to get to and maintain you are going to piss off people. I enjoy my job and take great pride in being able to help so many people that were in pain. My work stress level is very low and I do not have to deal with a boss since I am self employed. The people I treat look forward to thier appointments and always have a kind word for me.

    Those that want to associate my profession with sex only demonstrate thier petty immaturity and close mindedness to the rest of us. I am glad that you at least exposed yourself for what are you to the rest of us. Sunlight has always been the best sanitizer.

  • Highlander

    I'm glad you enjoy your profession and that you take pride in it. I wouldn't expect anything less of you. That being said, you may want to enroll in the services of your facility so that you reduce this pissed off feeling you have. I've heard a massage from a good therapist can take away the stress and worries of life, and get you to relax.

    If you were to insult automotive mechanics(my former profession that has a negative reputation) I would probably agree with you, despite the fact that when I worked as one, I also took pride in my job and treated my customers with respect so that they wouldn't get reamed by the dishonest mechanic down the street. This is why I don't understand why you and others get so uptight. Why get so offended when there are other professions that have negative reps and those in it are able to 'roll with the punches'.


    This post says it well:

    OK, I think some people here need to calm down. Carla's point is not what message therapists do or don't do, it's about jw PERCEPTIONS about what they do. Brent, my family is full of doctors, I understand what you're saying about the medical profession. But I know JW elders that would question a female nurse about the sexual aspects of catherterizing a male. And the answer "there aren't any" would not be considered acceptable.

    My 2 cents: Where I live there are businesses operating as legitimate massage therapists, but the sign in the window lets a person know that wa-a-a-a-ay more is going on than a massage. On the other hand there are fully trained, professional massage therapists who do have healthy boundaries in place and know how to keep their business legitimate --- and they doknow how to handle anyone coming in with less than seemly intentions! A person seeking out a massage gets to choose which type they desire, without being judged for it. I went for a massage this morning, to a legitimate massage therapy office, and received a really professional massage, exactly as I expected. All kinds of education goes into the training, and there are diplomas all over the walls. They are really well-trained and skilled professionals. It is unfortunate that the legitimate businesses can be painted with the same brush as the illegitimate businesses. That can go for other businesses, not just massage as was mentioned---car dealerships are another one. Or politicians. AND not only jws are subject to this type of judgment. AND judgment attitudes are hard to change. Hard, but not impossible. This thread helped me recognize where I fit, judgment-wise. So thanks! okay, 3 or 4 cents worth. . . ooops! ESTEE

  • garybuss

    I'd rather spend an hour with a good foot reflexology therapist than almost anything. I've been getting foot reflexology treatments since I was an adolescent. I wore out a couple therapists. The last one was pretty good. She used hard rubber balls and rolled em on my feet. Awesome!

    My favorite was reflexology using a silk cloth. Something about the silk added to the good zone.

    Now it cost $45 an hour and that's not in my budget for a weekly session.

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