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  • 4digitcode

    where was your Kingdom Hall JH? afghanistan?? lol

    carla i understand your question and while it's not a dfing 'offense' the therapists in the KH where i went to were not frowned upon since they mostly did it to work part time and pioneer but they weren't a prime example either.

    when i announced i wanted to be a massage therapist they said " and massage fat hairy men?"

    yes that's exactly why i'm going into it.

    even if they don't df you, i'm sure they've counseled people on the 'dangers' of that type of work and it certainly adds wind to the gossip mill.

  • R6Laser
  • RebelWife

    I've wondered the same thing, Carla, because JWs seem so prudishly consumed with how something might be perceived. A lot of people still equate therapeutic massage with massage parlors. I mean, if a man can't be alone in the house with his sister-in-law and has to hide (recent thread), what would they think of being naked under a sheet, alone, with touching? Oh, horrors! Not to mention energy work, which some people think is witchcraft.

  • sweetface2233

    Are you kidding? The very first thing that would go through a JWs mind is...FREE MASSAGE!!! You know they look for any and every way to take advantage of their "brothers and sisters".

  • oompa

    I know four JW massage theapist, two guys and two girls. This thread has been amusing, but 4digit can really take a punch if none of this offended her. Massage therapists are a godsend for healing and relaxing sore muscles and strained nerves. If there is a (sexual) happy ending there is no way in hell they are real therapists, they are prostitutes...period.

    One male therapists I go to at times works with a local college soccer team and incorporates (to me severe) stretching with his massage. This is a freaking workout for the cutomer.

    On a sad somewhat unrelated note, an elder aquaintence of mine of many years has a gay son in this noble profession, who is DF'd for his sexuality. The poor dad still loves his son, but of course could not have anything to do with him. What to do? Keep it business. "Please come home and give me and your mom a massage!" Yep, they paid him, so in their mind it was OK. Of course not anymore because he was counseled about it.

    like i said, sad...oompa

  • BrentR
    Posted by Carla: "I can't think of a more unseemly occupation for a jw woman that is legal."

    I guess you missed my post where I mentioned JW nurses and doctors? What do you see as "unseemly" about my profession?

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    All I can say is I love my massage therapist. The only "happy ending" I get is when she's done and left the room and I can just lay there and relax for a few minutes.

    I had back problems a few years ago. When I went to her, I couldn't even bend down to put on my own socks and shoes. After an hour and a half, I could do it myself again. There is nothing even remotely sexual about going to a licensed therapist.


  • JeffT

    OK, I think some people here need to calm down. Carla's point is not what message therapists do or don't do, it's about jw PERCEPTIONS about what they do. Brent, my family is full of doctors, I understand what you're saying about the medical profession. But I know JW elders that would question a female nurse about the sexual aspects of catherterizing a male. And the answer "there aren't any" would not be considered acceptable.

  • carla

    Brent, I guess you missed the entire point of the question.

    For the record-- I believe massage therapists are on the whole an ethical lot, and do not participate in prostitution. I believe that getting a massage is/can be theraputic in nature as well as just feeling so darn good. I believe the posters here who are massage therapists are not prostitutes but in fact provide a well needed and sometimes luxurious service. Ok, is that clear enough for everybody?

    My original question was merely why do jw's not think that getting naked under a towel and having a member of the opposite sex put bare hands upon various parts of the body (not gentitals) is not a dfing occupation WHEN they are such freaks in so many other ways. Such as having an elderly, say 80ish woman must sit in the back of the car when a young brother is driving so no improprieties occur or so that nobody perceives it at such. They are at times consumed with how things will appear to others when this job puts one in a situation in where inappropriate things could easily occur or at least appear that way. Why such freaks about silly things when this particular job actually does put one in a situation where things actually could occur quite easily and nobody would know about it?

    geesh, lighten up folks it is just a question about how and why jw's perceive things, not the reality of the situation. We are dealing with jw's after all. Just trying to sift through the wackiness of jw justification in life.

  • anewme

    I think the danger is that massage therapy requires very little schooling for the great responsibility and challenges the therapist takes on. Being alone in a room with a naked adult for an hour or longer requires the highest ethics. This is much longer than the 15 minutes alloted to doctors who usually have an accompanying nurse in the room when examining female patients.
    And clients go from therapist to therapist looking for the weak ones who will succumb to their suggestions and advances. Its not just the therapist who can be the predator.

    The profession is fraught with spiritual danger.
    And its been my observation that massage therapists are about as respected as Palm Readers by society.

    If the therapist can keep his or her pants on and force the clients to behave too I think it would be a really lucrative and satisfying career.

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