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  • mavie

    A legit massage therapist does not provide 'happy endings'. In many states it also requires a lot of school time to become licensed.

    Now...a place called "Bangkok Spa", like the one I saw in New Orleans last week is a different matter.

  • JH
    where was your Kingdom Hall JH? afghanistan?? lol


  • 4digitcode

    i'm fuming now!!!


    first of all I have to complete almost 1600 hours of study along with case studies plus 600 hours of in salon experience to get my diploma. So to say that i get little education for the amount of responsibility i have is a stupid assumption on your part.

    yesterday i massaged a woman who had just had a minor operation on her arm to remove a mole.

    i had to ask her if the mole was benign or malignant? if she had any other moles on her body? if these had been checked as well? since she told me it was all fine and SIGNED it in her consultation form i was able to give her a treatment OR ELSE i would ask for a written consent form from her doctor. AND THAT IS JUST ONE OF MY CLIENTS. I have to do the whole bloody thing over again for each client i have.

    i hold a diploma as a beautician and i'm constantly having to ask if people are on medically prescribed exfoliants, if they have nut allergies, if they suffer from diabetes, epilepsy, or urinary system disorders, if they have metal pins and plates, cancer,etc. For each ailment there is a detailed course of action to be taken. and it's not innate for you to know these things you must go to school for it!

    you obviously know little about the profession since you don't even know what the licensing requirements are outside your own little part of the world.
    you liked to refer to chiropractors....guess what?? In italy no chiropractor is legally recognized it is still seen as a quack profession. In france only doctors can do aromatherapy, not massage therapists or beauticians.

    the people who have little respect for ANY decent profession are people with little minds and little life experience.
    if you were so secure about yourself you wouldn't feel necessary to denigrate a profession that as you can see some of the posters here have and take pride in.

    and third these statements have tainted the whole purpose of the thread which carla has explained meant to say how do JWs reconcile being a massage therapist and the popularity it has gained in the JW community with their puritan beliefs.

    If anewme IS a witness...i guess he/she is a good indicator of what their thinking may be.

  • GermanXJW

    In one of the congregations I attended, there was an Elder that was a Massage therapist at Mercedes-Benz (yes, they had their own in-house massage-therapist).

  • greendawn

    It depends if this is a sensual massage or a real therapeutic massage from someone that has proper training in this field. In the second case there shouldn't be any hunky punky involved such as hand jobs.

    Even so I think the JW elders would be touchy about this issue if the massage is done to members of the opposite sex, because of their Victorian attitude to sexuality their mind will go to possible temptations of the flesh due to the physical intimacy involved.

  • 4digitcode

    anewme:"If the therapist can keep his or her pants on and force the clients to behave too I think it would be a really lucrative and satisfying career."

    you sound so ignorant, you don't even have a clue how much. maybe you're just PROJECTING what you would do in such a situation onto others.

    anewme:"There are medical massage therapists who perform medical massage under the professional license of a
    medical doctor or licensed chiropractor who is required by law to be onsite during the massage treatments. Often massages performed in a professional office atmosphere of this kind are done during normal business hours and with many other people in the office and are usually done partially draped.

    This may be the kind of massage you are offering to the public which after years receives respect and praise."

    my reply: Massage therapy can stand on its own 2 feet. although it closely collaborates and it is vigorously recommended to have a good relationship with the medical profession it doesn't need to use it as a crutch.

    People who think inside the box and jump on the bandwagon once a majority gives its ok are not innovators but just followers. I for myself don't need that type of security and am sure glad i don't.

  • BrentR

    In most US states massage therapists do not work under the auspices of any doctor. We also are credentialed to be providers for most insurance companies. But part of our job is to educate the public and change the stereo types some of the more ignorant people continue to probogate. Anewme is proof that our job is not quite done yet.

  • mkr32208

    I was a massage therapist as a witness. Was no big deal.

    Jk666 As a df'ed person you certainly NEVER get a happy ending! :-)

  • anewme

    When 1600 hours or more are required for licensing by every town and state it will weed out those persons who do not take their careers seriously, and then the perceptions of the public will be forced to change and those of you who are serious massage therapists will gradually gain the respect you deserve.


  • Billzfan23

    I know 2 JW massage therapists personally. One at a shop and another who travels - even massaging members of the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. Strange occupation indeed, this sister did it to support herself while she was pioneering to. She was a really attractive sister - I have no idea how this didn't get her into trouble.

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