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  • minimus

    Some of the best massages that I've had are from asian hands and feet. At the end of a very therapeutic session, I have usually been asked to "turn over" or "turn around". And then comes the best part.....

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    In our congregation, brothers and sisters didn't shake hands entering the hall, so that we wouldn't make physical contact...

    That's sort of like telling you not to think about a pink elephant with green polka dots sitting on your couch.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    I understand what you're getting at with this question. I've wondered why one woman "sister" in my old hall took up the profession, and why in the world her husband let her! She had been disfellowshipped at least twice for adultery, had split personalities and had made her poor husband have to go to the mental hospital for a nervous breakdown. With her history, it sure didn't seem like a smart position to put herself in.

  • RebelWife

    Considering that there's still a tendency among the general population to lump massage therapy in with prostitution, why in the world WOULDN'T a JW? And considering that perception and how it might make them look, why would they allow someone to get or give massage?

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    My father, who did massage for a chiropractor's office in NJ for a while taught me the business... while a JW I was too afraid to persue it as a profession because of the sexual tensions I knew it would cause. since leaving JWs I regularly massage nude dancers at a local strip club and they love it... there is no sex involved and most of the time I dont feel any arosual at all... but when I do, I just get a lap dance from her (^_^). While massage by itself is non-sexual, the mind and beliefs of the participants cannot be removed from the equation. Just like nudist resorts do not allow sex on the premises nor even male arousal... many of the nudists I have come to know over time are swingers... so while nudity and sex can be separated in practice, in reality their seperation is only by degree and location... humans are sexual animals just like all the others on the planet...why make such a big deal out of sex? because religion has found it the easiest to manipulate and guilt people into submission.

  • BrentR

    I currently treat seven JW's and one of them is a circuit overseer. They do not have any twisted perceptions about massage in my area. Given the fact that you posted that you do not know of any massage therapist that are JW's that have been DF'd or pestered means it's not an issue even in your area either.

    Anewme posted: And its been my observation that massage therapists are about as respected as Palm Readers by society.

    Fortunately society as a whole does not share your clouded and ill informed perception. Comparing what I do to palm readers is very ignorant to say the least. Do you have any documentation that would back your opinion?

    I think the danger is that massage therapy requires very little schooling for the great responsibility and challenges the therapist takes on. Being alone in a room with a naked adult for an hour or longer requires the highest ethics. This is much longer than the 15 minutes alloted to doctors who usually have an accompanying nurse in the room when examining female patients.
    And clients go from therapist to therapist looking for the weak ones who will succumb to their suggestions and advances. Its not just the therapist who can be the predator.

    Every month our office gets a business newspaper that lists all the licensing actions being taken against all health care providers and level of training and college degrees don't appear to come into play. Quite a few local doctors and dentists are no longer practicing due to innapropriate sexual contact with thier patients. So your above quoted opinion does not hold any water and is not based on any solid fact or reality.

  • anewme

    You are the ignorant one Brent if you think society respects massage therapists.

    Go to your local city licensing dept and ask them what category they place massage therapists.

    They are lumped in with the hospitality businesses.

    There are medical massage therapists who perform medical massage under the professional license of a
    medical doctor or licensed chiropractor who is required by law to be onsite during the massage treatments. Often massages performed in a professional office atmosphere of this kind are done during normal business hours and with many other people in the office and are usually done partially draped.
    This may be the kind of massage you are offering to the public which after years receives respect and praise.

    City officials are concerned more with the massage studios and hair and nail salons with back rooms where no medical supervision is involved.

    JWs who naively enter this profession soon become aware of its pitfalls. Im afraid I dont buy into your disbelief and shock at my suggestion that massage therapy has its dangers and challenges to integrity.


  • BrentR
    Go to your local city licensing dept and ask them what category they place massage therapists

    Well for me it would be the Washington State Department of Health. We are required by law to complete a DOH crendentialed training program before we challenge the written and practical tests to obtain our Health department license. Once licensed we have to carry liability insurance and complete continuing education hours in order to renew our license. I do not know what state or country you may be refering to but you obviousely are not aware of the program in my state and most others in the US.

  • RebelWife

    I think anewme is talking about a business license.

  • mavie

    A legit massage therapist does not provide 'happy endings'. In many states it also requires a lot of school time to become licensed.

    Now...a place called "Bangkok Spa", like the one I saw in New Orleans last week is a different matter.

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