You know that kinda gay guy in your old hall?

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  • Seeker4

    This comment posted above is interesting: "And you'd only know or wonder if I was gay because of my interaction w/ girls as its too comfortable and not at all predatory like other guys are."

    I had a lover for a short while who referred to herself as a "fag hag" - a straight woman who hung around all the time with gay men, because she's really comfortable with them. My partner, Lori, told me that in her early 20s, she and a grlfriend lived in an apartment house where a lot of gay men lived, and she really enjoyed it, specifically because of the thought above - she could be comfortable around men who were not predatory.

    Also, the comment that at Bethel they are called NPHs - non-practicing homosexuals - is dead on. That's what I've seen in 30 years as a Witness. I've shocked JWs by saying that you can be homosexualand a JW, you just can't be a practicing homosexual! And it's absolutely true. I think Bethel had more than its share, because it was a way for gay brothers to focus themselves on "spiritual" things and combat the "desires of the flesh," and there are lots of gay brothers who really want to please Jehovah and "do what's right."

    I had three friends who married and had anywhere from 3 to 5 kids each - and all left their wives and the JWs because they were gay.

    Another very close friend tried to marry a couple of times, but had the sense to not go through with it - and eventually he left and joined the gay community as well.

    Lots of good comments on here.


  • avishai

    According to recent findings, soy may have played a big part in defining the sexuality of children who drank soy infant formula.

    According to a Swiss report, 100 mg isoflavones taken by adult women provide the estrogenic equivalent of a contraceptive pill. 10 This means that 10 mg provides the estrogenic equivalent of a contraceptive pill to a baby of 6 kg. Thus, the average amount taken in by a child on soy-based formula provides the estrogenic equivalent of at least 4 birth control pills. Because babies are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of dietary estrogens, the effects could actually be much greater than that of 4 birth control pills. Hence the statement, "Babies on soy formula receive the estrogenic equivalent of at least 5 birth control pills per day."

    A study just released indicates that vegetarian mothers are five times more likely to give birth to a boy with a birth defect of the penis than non-vegetarian mothers. Researchers blamed the problem on the estrogenic effect of soy consumed during pregnancy

    I was allergic to milk and drank soy 'til I was 5.

    Today I have so much testosterone it's not even funny. I think if I did'nt have the soy, I'd look like sasquatch.

  • LisaRose

    I've known a few in my time. There was one very well known brother who had been to Bethel. Never married. Even back in the 70's I knew he was a gay man, just didn't act on it (as far as I knew anyway). I also dated a guy in high school, that was very effeminate. He married and as far as I know the marriage lasted. Who know, maybe he wasn't gay, but I know a few people that assumed he was a gay man who converted to the 'truth'. He was actually raised a JW. Both men were extremely creative and talented individuals. I wonder what they would have been like if they hadn't been forced to be something they weren't?

  • sweetface2233
    I knew a MS married, two kids. Several bros and sis accused him of homosexuality. They couldn't prove anything. But one day he got out of the closet and started living with a "worldy"man. He was df. I know a couple more, and ond of them is an elder, married and super gay.

    Outofthebox, the is the first post you've made where you've used the pronoun "I". Which one of you is speaking?

  • LtCmd.Lore
    They were very nice people always ready to do you a favor or help you out in any way.

    Yup, they'd bend over backwards to help you...

  • jaguarbass

    We had a gay fellow in my Hall here in Florida. He had a wife and child. They got divorced and he came out of the closet which was probably best for everyone.

    Some gays you can tell and some you cant tell.

    Like the congressman from Utah. And I worked with one that dressed and acted like a lumberjack.

  • veradico

    I studied for a few weeks with a boy whose family consists almost entirely of JWs. He had all the stereotypical mannerisms associated with being gay, but that does not mean as much as some like to think. I've met some straight men who are simply very comfortable with those aspects of themselves that are considered feminine--including having their girlfriends stimulate their prostates with dildos. Many of them have been involved in the fine arts, theater, philosophy, and other "academic" or "intellectual" interests. In the classical world, the stereotype was that men who loved men would become more "manly," more like Hercules (who had numerous boyfriends) and other warrior-heroes, and that those who associated with women would be "softened" by their influence. But, then, the classical world scorned those gay men who most closely approximate those who are today referred to by such terms as "bottoms" or "catchers" (as opposed to "tops" and "pitchers"). I'm gay, but, apart from dressing well (and gay men hardly have a monopoly on that!), being interested in academics (again, in spite of how being bookish is stigmatized as wimpy, it's not "gay") and never demonstrating an interest in girls (I "wanted to put theocratic interests first" and "was not yet ready to marry"), I don't think I seemed "gay" when I was a Witness.

  • avishai

    Veradico, I got counseled for doing theater, modeling, and going to massage school. By the C.O and an elder, they said those things would "turn me gay". Has'nt happened yet, neither has hanging out with gay folk, or putting on a dress at the burning man festival.

    Avishai, of the *straight but not narrow* class.

  • veradico

    Rock on, dude!

  • avishai

    No, YOU rock on!!

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