You know that kinda gay guy in your old hall?

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  • JWdaughter

    So, if my 3d child is gay, its cause I didn't breast feed him enough??? I swear, I just couldn't make enough milk, the poor kid was starving!!! At least my oldest (nursed for an indecent length of time) won't have those worries. Although, maybe a little estrogen would have made him a more cautious driver:)

  • Lease

    yes. there was 2 brothers in the hall. they moved in together as roommates. brother #1 married. but, shortly afterwards, divorced and moved in with a wordly guy and was df'd for being gay. the brother #2 mourned the loss. Brother # 2 became super zealous. had this spacey look in his eyes, like he couldnt see you but was into his own thoughts and talked about going to Bethel. he went to bethel shortly afterward. last i heard he married about 5 years ago to a sister from canada. he was 40 years old when he married ( 40 year old virgin) and i heard she was 45 or older.

  • Uzzah

    Ken Little may not be gay but he is certainly a frustrated little man. He is the same guy that during the Bethelite orientation talks about avoiding masturbation by praying and holding the bible in BOTH hands!

    I can't comment on his gayness but he is an angry little man, afraid of people in general (works himself up to go up and say hello) but is very power hungry and deeply resents anyone who challenges his authority.

  • noni1974

    I knew one.My brother dated a girl who was extremly tom boyish.Her brother was the girlyist guy I have ever met.I was 16 at the time and I knew he was gay and I had never met a gay man before that.My brother moved up to Michigan to date this girl and moved in with her brother.That lasted a month.He came back and the brother go DF ed a short time later.He ended up dieing at 26 or 27 from a drug over dose.Sad really.He was a really nice guy.

    As it turns out the girl was gay to.She looked me up on myspace last year and told me all about it.She thought I was gay too.I was just a tom boy at a certian point in my life and as I've gotten older I've gotten more girly.I love the menz.

  • Namaste

    I have a pioneer cousin I'm convinced is gay. He escaped years ago to another country to "work where the need is great". I heard after many many years he finally married a "sister". My mom told me and first thing I said was "why did he do that, he's gay!" That didn't go over to well with JW mom.

    Years ago I spent the summer "pioneering" with some sisters that were really trying to encourage a family that had been studying for awhile. There was a teenage son, if I remember correctly, about 17. He was trying so hard to 'do what was right' and deny himself.

    Watching this poor guy struggle was so sad. I just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him everything was going to be okay. Of course, at the time I was still thinking he was just going to have to tough it out till the new system. I think about him once in awhile and hope he was able to escape in time and be who he really was. I'd love to see him again some day.

  • quietlyleaving

    One young man I know got sent to Bethel to make a man out of him because his family considered him too effeminate. But he seems okay with himself and is learning hair dressing at evening classes. But I'm guessing that he has put up with a lot of rejection and hurt to arrive at that 'resigned to the way I am' outlook.

    Another young man - very good looking, tall and willowy - used to jog with us in a group. We used to jog through a gay cruising area and we'd all joking form a wall around him protectively - he'd just laugh. He also seems to have reached some sort of hard won compromise with himself.

    There are lots more avoiding close intimate relationships, waiting for the new system who could be gay or they may be straight. Poor things.

  • aniron

    I've posted on here before about my conversations with JW's brothers who turned out to be gay. For some reason they seem to think they would get sympathetic ear talking to me, especially after I left. But those I have spoken to have usually said that every congregation has at least one, maybe two gay guys in them.

    I remember a brother, he was about 10 years younger than me, probably about 18 at time. He was in our book group. He always was well dressed, that just scrubbed and shower look, long slender hands, accountant. Always had a way of moving that caused many a remark. Lived with his parents, always seemed to hang around the young brothers. Later learned he used to invited one or two home. Anyway in his late 20's, he was a Min Servant by then, he got married and had children. I see him around town now and then, now and Elder, still the same look and walk.

    The thing is if you had seen the guy I describe above you may have thought "Yeah good chance he's gay"

    But two other JW brothers, good looking, athletic type, sisters always after them. Turned out they had been "gay lovers" since they were 17/18. Didn't get found out until in late 20's, and then only by chance.

    So it went to show that the effeminate type guy turned out to be a good husband and father. But the two who were so "manly" were the gays.

  • Awakened07

    In my time as a JW, I knew five 'brothers' who were - or most likely were - gay. Four of them were gay and it was/became openly known (but lived in celibacy or got married, or got DFed), one of them I'm not entirely positive about but he was very effeminate and never got married or had a girlfriend. Well - neither did I, and I'm not gay, but... I'm not effeminate either.

    And all of these were in only two separate congregations over a period of time.

    I'm sure there are a lot of non-effeminate gays that you don't even notice as well, who get married and so on.

  • Maddie

    We have an elder, not married and very effininate. He is aged about 60 and I have a sneaky feeling that he suffers from OCD.


  • Junction-Guy

    There are alot of gays in the JW's. It has been said numerous times that Bethel is overun with gays. I dont find that surprising, What guy (brainwashed or not) is gonna give up women and move to a compound like bethel that is full of gay men?

    The JW Cult feminizes boys by denying them traditional male role models, by keeping them isloated from their "worldly" male peers, by denying them the right to date and affirming that it is ok to date, by refusing them to play school sports. They are excluded from 99% of the activities that their other male peers enjoy.

    You've heard the expression "boys will be boys"? Not in the JW Cult.

    My childhood was ruined by this lying crap, and someday Im gonna expose this and it will hit the Watchtower like a ton of bricks.

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