I am an introverted 19 year old boy. I'm currently still a JW. and I intend to stay that way until I move out of home, hopefully before I turn 20, in order to avoid being shunned at my own house. I intend to make a career in computer programming, but I'll have to get a job at radio shack or something for a while. I'm not into sports and my best form of entertainment is video games, my favorite drink is Pepsi... I am an atheist, as I have no belief in any deity. I came to this decision at age 16, after questioning things for several years before that. Although my name is LtCmd.Lore, I prefer to be called simply 'Lore'. (It's easier to type, and it sounds/looks better than LtCmd. (Yeah, I realize the abbreviation of 'commander' is cmdr, not cmd. That was a mistake, sorry.))