You know that kinda gay guy in your old hall?

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  • changeling

    You know him, every hall has one.

    He really knows fashion. He hangs out with all the middle aged women at the hall. His gait, voice and gestures are feminine.

    If he were a "wordly" man he'd be a "flamer".

    Well, here's my question: Is he or isn't he? Gay I mean.

    I know there are straight looking gays and lesbians. No secret there.

    But "flaming" heterosexuals?

    Is it possible?

    Are they so deeply in the closet the don't know they're in there?

    There's an 18 year old at my old hall that is a total "flamer". He prances down the aisles at the KM to pass the microphones.

    I always wonder bout him. Is he living in torment?

    Why would a straight guy act like that?

    I'd like to hear your opinions, especially if you're gay.

    Trust me, I pass no judgements on this one. I have no problem with homesexuality. I'm BFD's cyber fag hag for Pete's sake!

    I just really want to know.


  • BFD

    Did you say he prances AND handles microphones?

    Sounds gay to me.


  • NewYork44M

    I have seen the person you describe several times and in every case, the outcome was not positive.

    My cousin married someone that fits that description. Three kids later he left her for a man. Df and scandal followed.

    In another case it was clear that the young man really love his faith. Unfortunately his natural desires got the best of him and he was df. I kind of felt sorry for him.

  • marmot

    I dunno, I've got an uncle who talks somewhat effeminately and is a professional hairdresser but he's straight as an arrow.

    Some people just act funny.

  • prophecor

    Once a Marine, Always a Marine. Such as same for gays.

    Just because you're gay, doesn't mean you'll act strait, even if you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    He maybe comfortable in his gayness. Knowing that that's what he is and will always be.

  • SirNose586

    Yes, I know them! We had two in our hall. The first is now in a foreign language group, but maintains contact with certain people in my hall. He's a great cook, knows home decor, has an effeminate voice, all the stereotypical things that sprouted rumors when he joined the hall. Unmarried and early 30s, pioneer. He's a cool guy, and he actually pulls down quite a bit of bank in the real estate field. I was offended by the rumors that were being spread about him.

    The other guy, like the first one, had serious bank, though I'm thinking his was inherited. Anyway, he's a piano tuner. Can't drive anything more than a year old. Very effiminate voice, but quite nice. I saw him at my dealership and caught up briefly. Still tuning pianos. Crazy rumors were spread about him after he turned down a proposal, which probably led to his leaving...

    Edit: Oh, there was quite a bit of gossip over one brother who gave CA parts. I wonder if anyone in the SD area would remember this guy, he had a very funny last name. Anyway, the word got out that he came out of the closet, divorced his wife, and was subsequently df'd. I couldn't think of anything that would've tipped me off to his homosexuality...funny how that works out, huh?

  • BFD

    Seriously, if he is gay I feel sorry for him. Living in dub land cannot be easy for him. He know Ms Jehovah (as saywhat would say) is going to kill him at the big A because of his heart condition. He knows it. No matter how much you love, work and try and please Jah. it does not change who you are. And Jah don't want us in pair-o-dice.

    He's still young so there's a chance he'll get out before the self-loathing thing causes him to harm himself. I feel for him. It taint easy.


  • restrangled


    The guy I thought was gay in my hall died suddenly with no explanation.

    Was doing a google search about people from my hall from the 70's. His name turned up in an obit in Wisconsin just recentley. 39 at death.

    I felt really sad, because he was such a sweet guy as I remember. He never fit in anywhere at the KH but was such a nice person. He was 50/50 black and white along with his sisters. They were very poor and although they were strong preformers in the hall the entire family was kind of left out in the cold.

    They lived across the street from a wealthy elder.....there home was like a chicken coop... filthy with leanto attatchments, I think there were 6 kids, plus the mom.

    Now that I look back on it, how shamefull they were not helped. Probably the most devout family in the KH. Always looked down upon as lowlifes.


  • JK666

    My brother-in-law is definatly of the "limp wrist" set. He is librarian at a High School, and the kids there refer to him as "Tinker Bill."

    I could tell some stories, but I try to bury some of that shizz. If they weren't shunning me, I would be shunning them!


  • tula
    I'm BFD's cyber fag hag for Pete's sake!

    You are cordially invited to a hair pulling contest.

    Sorta like taffy pulling....

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