Sharpton and Jackson at it again - Jenna 6 - bidness as usual

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  • BizzyBee
    Nooses being hung is unacceptable, meanspirited, and wrong. Expulsion would have been appropriate.

    I'm not sure but could this be considered a hate crime?

    When are we going to learn to treat each other with respect and kindness?



    I heartily agree. The noose incident was taken seriously enough to be investigated by the FBI. According to federal officials, it "had all the markings of a hate crime." However, it wasn't prosecuted because it failed to meet the federal standards required for the teens to be certified as adults. The principal recommended expulsion, but the board of education overruled his recommendation. The punishment was reduced to three days of in-school suspension (not sure what that means.)

    Importantly, however, the U.S. Attorney in the case claimed a lack of connection between the noose incident and the beating at the high school. None of the statements taken regarding the fight, over 40 in all, mentioned the noose incident.

  • mrsjones5

    Just because it wasn't mentioned doesn't mean it wasn't important or a catalyst to what happened next. And just downplaying the nooses doesn't sit right with me. It's offensive, it reminds me of lynchings that happened not that long ago, it's another sign of intolerence and like picking at an open wound. If those ones didn't think it would hurt to see nooses hanging from that tree they wouldn't have done it, but it was way easier than getting a big cross into that courtyard and burning it.

  • snowbird
    I have little respect for Jesse Jackson. In my opinion he's as big a racist as anyone. I have great respect for Martin Luther King Jr. Also, while I despise Jesse Jackson, I nonetheless recognize the problems in Jena. Too bad that Jackson is involved as he's a hindrance rather than a positive force for change.

    John Doe, I take back every mean thing I ever thought or said about you. There are serious problems in Jena as are in other places. The parents, school and law enforcement officials should have seen this coming and taken action to circumvent it a long time ago.

    However, it does my heart good to see so many turning out in support of justice and fair play. To me, that should be the focus. All who were involved in this debacle should be given equal punishment.


  • BizzyBee
    I think Jackson's and Sharpton's role in all this was to bring more media attention to this whole mess.

    I guess that's my point - that is all they do. Media attention, in and of itself, is not necessarily a good thing, especially when the actual facts are lost in the shuffle.

    What is needed is some substantive attention to these issues from those who are qualified and dedicated to bringing about change. Creating a circus atmosphere does not advance justice and equality. J & S are not visionaries, not leaders in the true sense - they are hucksters who make their living through creating and exploiting tension between the races.

  • yknot

    Group HUGS yall!

  • Gregor

    It's a shame that the names Jackson and Sharpton are household words among the black community but the names Thomas Sowells and Walter Williams are almost unheard of. Oh, and the name Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice don't seem to evoke any pride in their real accomplishments.

  • mrsjones5
  • mrsjones5
    Oh, and the name Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice don't seem to evoke any pride in their real accomplishments.

    Oh I'm no fan of Clarence Thomas but I do like Condoleeza Rice though I don't agree with a lot of her policies. Are you trying to say that the black community doesn't like or evoke any pride in black conservatives? What about Colin Powell?

  • Gregor

    Are you trying to say that the black community doesn't like or evoke any pride in black conservatives?

    Yes, Maam. That's exactly what I am trying to say because for the most part it is true.

  • SixofNine

    IOW, what Gregor is saying is, "it's too bad the Black community doesn't value Black right-wingers".

    Fortunately, even White people are finally waking up to the fact that right-wingers (and all their water carrying uncle toms... of ANY color and both in politics and the media) are a metastasizing cancer on society.

    That's why we have two threads going right now on how to prevent fascism from succeeding in America.

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