Sharpton and Jackson at it again - Jenna 6 - bidness as usual

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  • Gregor

    Sowells and Williams are not "right wingers". The use of inflamatory buzz words is a dead givaway that you are ignorant of these mens views on the subject at hand, black leaders/role models. It is specifically their views on how the black community can improve its lot that make them so much more valuable than a couple of hucksters like J & S.

  • snowbird

    It is specifically their views on how the black community can improve its lot that make them so much more valuable than a couple of hucksters like J & S.


    And don't we need those views? I've mentioned Sowell's book BLACK REDNECKS and WHITE LIBERALS on another thread. It should be a must-read for all high schoolers.

    It's too easy to bash others and blame them for our failures than to accept full responsibility for our actions. It's past time for the Black community to move beyond this mindset.


  • DaCheech

    Why don't everyone here send me $$$$$$$$$$$$$4, and I'll quit my job and protest anything you like.

    think this is funny????

    Jesse and Sharpton are all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Pity the fool who thinks they're doing you a favor

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I heard on the news today that there was another incident where nooses were hung to intimidate. This is three seperate incidents in the news lately. I am sure there is an element of copycat crimes, but I also think it exposes the problems we still have in this country of racism.

    Remember the 60's and the race riots and the cities burning? I wonder just how far we have come in accepting other races since then? I am afraid the ugly underbelly of this problem is beginning to surface more.

    I am not very knowledgeable about all the facts in this particular case, but I do not respect Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It is a shame that there are not men like Martin Luther King and others to carry on the work of conciliation.

  • BizzyBee

    As Condi's boss said with his usual eloquence:

    "The events in Louisiana are -- have saddened me, and I understand the emotions," Bush said. "And all of us in America want there to be, you know, fairness when it comes to justice."

    Oh, Lord!

  • yknot


    I have read Sowell and as a Southerner I feel he carries much disdain stemming from his early experiences in the south (think Jim Crow laws) and writes at time with bias. I am not saying he doesn't have some points. I agree with his ideas that White "liberals" serve their own political and ideological interests by encouraging counterproductive attitudes, while making excuses for self-destructive behavior and promoting the belief that "racism" is the cause of all woe in the black community. I agree these groups of liberals encourage the glamorization of "ghetto culture" as being viewed as authentic black culture. All of this in the end keeps a majority of the black population from finally doing what all other cultures, ethnicity, races did before them....ASSIMILATING into the Greater American Society (i/e the great melting pot). It is proved true time and time again that UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL

    Wake up my black brethern. You are being duped, and men within your society are selling you out for their personal gain.

    Peace Out


  • MsMcDucket

    We're out-numbered on this board and in the country. I realized that a long time ago. There are a bunch of haters on this board. As for the statement about "liking Martin Luther King", if Martin Luther King showed up at the march, you'd consider him the same as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Anyone that takes a stand for the Black race would be considered the same as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. You know who the haters are by there comments. They are the ones that think the world would be a paradise if there were no Black people, they think that there is no White crime, they feel that White children that commit crimes when they are young are just kids being kids or "boys will be boys", they don't understand that Black youth aren't given the benefit of the doubt, they don't understand that White kids are let off for fighting in school while the Black youth are not (therefore having a criminal record). . .they just call it ADD or ADHD. . .

    Ask any cop about who is more likely to shoot them? A Black man or a White man?

    Have you seen the shows where there was White on White crime? The people always say "if it had been a Black man that did this he would be in jail".

    Peace, Hope,

  • karvel

    ok, so 6 guys couldn't finish the job? seems to me if they attempting to murder they'd do a better job than that. the guy was at a party that night. and 22 years for a schoolyard fight. all i can say is WTF?

  • Mary

    I agree that Sharpton and Jackson appear far more interested in posing for the cameras than anything, but those little bastards that hung the nooses in the trees started that whole thing. No it doesn't justify the beating that the "Jenna 6" gave to that guy, but come on. I'm not an American, but hanging a noose from a tree in Louisiana (when it's obviously directed at the black kids), would be on par with hanging a swastika outside a synogogue in Germany.

  • yknot


    What ever are you refering to? Who are you identifying as haters or posts within this topic that are to be considered hateful? I disagree wholeheartedly about your comments about MLK, he never behaved in manners as either of those two. MLK would hear all the fact before announcing injustices. I do believe the dear Reverend would side with Mr Cosby ideology. Any opinions here on Sharpton and Jackson are because of their past stances. Fights happen and boys of all color in most school district now go off in hand cuffs with the officers regardless of who started it. As for this particular incident the issue is the 6 vs 1. Had it been 1 vs 1 I doubt anybody outside of Jena would have heard about it. To broadly say that black boys are not given benefit of the doubt is wrong. If this true in your area, then ask yourself what you are doing personally to change this negative. What can others do? Have you spoken to your police chief? Have you spoken to the school superintendent? Have you ask for help from local journalists to verify such a racial discrepency? Asking a cop that question varies depending on the perceived criminal intent as well as area of the country. For instance in El Paso the answer would be Hispanic. Not that race has anything to do with it so much as abundance of population. In my town mostlikely it would be white, mid 40's and drunk as a skunk. That is statistics not race. Yes I there are plenty of white on white crimes shown on "cops" and on "Mad Dog:The Bounty Hunter".

    Finally ADHD or ADD: any parent of a male child, please read Leonard Sax "Why Gender Matters" it is a very good read. I don't agree with the idea of holding a male child back so they are 6 in kindergarten (I think that should be an individual case by case not a broad rule) but as far as things like hearing difference between girls and boys ....he is spot on.

    Side note....girls have more "ear hair" and therefor hear better, they also have 3 sets points of communication on their brains for the right and left side to interact. Boys only have 1 set.

    MsMcDucket I hope sincerely your anger/frustration has subsided and you can see this is a civil discussion. Not one of hate.

    With Love


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