Who else is tired of the Just Get Over It threads?

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  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    My thread was NOT a "just get over it thread". It takes different kinds of people different amount of time to adapt to the change. In religious situations, many people act irrationally towards those who reject their beliefs.

    The point of my thread was introductory. It would be presumptuous for me to come into a forum I never posted in and tell it's members to get over it. That was not my intention at all and assumptions based off of my poor communication skills should not be that I am telling anyone to fell. think, or do, anything.

    On a regular basis, I make an effort to not use words like "you" and try to add words like "some" as much as possible in order to not generalize. I have social anxiety issues where I like to over clarify myself, and I don't like to put people in a position where they have to clarify.

    We are all equal working together to work out issues or passively make commentary that will unexpectedly assist others in developing knowledge.

    Just because my thread struck a nerve should not mean that I should be made a poster child for "just get over it", especially since that was not the intention. If I wanted to say it I would post a thread with that title and be much more aggressive.

    I was posting mt experience and posting my thought pattern as a way of introduction, simply that.

    Edit: as a side point I am not ignorant to the plight of the disfellowshipped, as I have mentioned before, several of my family members have been and have suffered depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, chronic relationship failure (paranoia induced), sexual dysfunction, and other mental/emotional issues. I have yet to experience the worst, which will be when I get married, as my parents will then be sure I am not returning (they still think I'll one day turn around).

  • LoverOfTruth

    Leaving a Cult is Somewhat like Grief. Each person deals with it differently. Many of us have family members who have cut off all communication. This is really tough.

  • Dorktacular

    Dorktacular, both of your posts have brought me to tears. You have said so much that I agree with, especially in the second one.


    I think the hardest thing is to stop feeling bad about the past and start feeling good about the present. There are so many things in my present life that remind me of the bad things about the past. Holidays are a big example. I absolutely love holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Haloween, etc., because I'm so happy to celebrate with family. But, at the same time, I have a deep sadness because of what I missed as a child and how bad that hurt me then. It's hard to reconcile your past with what you have now.

  • jaguarbass

    The Wac Tower is a very evil society.

  • ness
    I think that anger is part of the healing process, but it stops being a step towards healing and becomes a way of life then you will find me saying "get over it".

    I'm reminded of an individual on Gabbly a couple months ago that would keep interrupting the conversation with venomous comments, completely at random too.

    It was obvious he wanted to get something off his chest so we asked him about his upbringing.

    He was never a witness.

    Ooooookay, so how did he know the witnesses?

    He studied for 5 months before seeing the truth.

    Interesting, and still so upset?

    YES! F**K that cult and their S**T

    Wow, so how long ago was this?

    Back in 1992.



    Okay, get over it.

    too funny alt

  • Devils Avocado
    Devils Avocado

    No-one can get over their old life until such time as they get on with their new one.

    Acknowledge the hurt, then slowly move on to better things. In time the hurt will recede and eventually evaporate. Just don't stay stuck in grief for too long.


  • Gayle

    Just get over it?! No, there's a story to be told, 'our' story. Should Hitler, slavery, Waco, Jonestown, and such 'be gotten over". Never. People must know about cults so that cults don't flourish any further. How can one get over a 'crime' when the crime goes on to injure more and more unsuspecting people? We have to be a part of making people aware. Maybe our spirit is unsettled for just cause.

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