100 Good Samaritans needed

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  • RedhorseWoman

    I can't commit to a monthly payment, what with a disabled husband and daughter and bills up the wazoo, but I'd like to contribute at least a small lump sum. Just let me know the particulars.

  • Julie

    Greetings to all--

    Lilacs, step off honey. Go tout your Self Righteous Banner somewhere else. I am not interested and I stand by my words. Some of us went to trouble we couldn't really afford and to see it (seemingly) forgotten made me wonder, not to mention hurt. So again, step off dear.


    Sorry to hear your troubles, as I was before. Remember that there are those of us who do care. You'd always have a warm place with something to eat here in my world and that you already knew. I have been in situatuions like you are in now and though I have no money to send I have one encouraging thing for you to remember, at least you don't a have couple of little ones in tow. Sometimes we have to look at what we don't have goin' on to be a bit grateful for something.

    I know, it sucks. Best wishes, my door's always open to you.

    Take care all--

  • WildHorses

    LOL, Julie, I have't got a self righteous bone in my body. I do however take up for my friends when they are attacked.

    "I don't want someone in my life I can live with, I want someone in my life I can't live without."

  • Farkel

    Shari (Lilacs) is a sweetheart. She did nothing wrong.


  • Esmeralda

    Doug, I'm glad that you were able to see this thread. T is doing everything he can to get some help out to you, hang on.

    Is it possible for you to set up a bank account at a local bank and then make the account number known to T so that we can send to you in ways besides online?

    I'm so sorry for all the momentos you lost. I know that no amount of money can make up for those things :(

    *hugs* and love

  • Esmeralda


    That'step off' remark that was made to you was way out of line. You did nothing but defend your friend when his motives were clearly in question.

    That's all I have to say on that subject.

    You are a sweetheart and everybody knows it.

    Love ya

  • Celia

    God, I can't believe this !
    Farkel, have you tried to ask the Goodwill store if they have your stuff? Can't the law (police) help you here ?
    Too bad you're so far away on the other side of the country.
    We have a spare room with bath. My husband is a builder/carpenter, you could help until you're back on your feet.
    What was your occupation before all this happened?
    Thinking of you.

  • WildHorses

    Thanks Doug, Ess, That meant alot coming from the two of you, really.


    "I don't want someone in my life I can live with, I want someone in my life I can't live without."

  • Julie

    Okey-dokey, let's see--

    Lilacs said:

    I am ashamed of you!

    Ashamed of me??? For mentioning being forgotten? Sorry, I don't see the shamefulness here but if you think I am shameful, ok.

    Lilacs also said:
    Doug has not complained.

    Well he did mention that hardly anyone cares about him, maybe complain wasn't the right word, you choose.

    Lilacs also said:
    If you would have read his whole post you would know that, but you assumed, and you know what they say about assuming?

    See and I took the time to briefly explain in my last post why I would say what I did. But it seems that you were the one to do the assuming. She assumed I didn't know about Doug's situation and perhaps assumed I didn't already do something about long ago (before there was a big public effort). I didn't take too kindly to being told I shouldn't assume when in fact it was the person addressing me (you) that made some incorrect assumptions. Sorry but it is very simple.

    Lilacs, I do not doubt you are a nice person as your friends here say--from what I have seen of you I agree. I do know there were things you didn't know but I made no assumptions and you did. A simple mistake, I hardly take serious offense. Also, could you show me where I "attacked" your "friend"? FYI Doug and I are friends from way back. We've helped each other out before in various ways and I had no intention of attacking him. If you see what I said as an attack you are perhaps the most tender-hearted person on the planet, or you misconstrued my words.


  • radar


    You read me wrong again.

    Your letter I posted above, was one that I saved and kept for I believed your reasoning on that subject(h20) was spot on.
    It was a mark of respect to you.

    I do not kick people when they are down!

    Anyway, like you said before, you are not thinking straight at the moment.


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