100 Good Samaritans needed

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  • Julie

    I love Farkel and have done what I can for him in the past. I also know that some went to much trouble a short while back for him. I am very saddened to see him complaining that no one cares for him as he has seen PROOF that quite the opposite is true. Wonder why he has gotten so forgetful?


  • WildHorses


    I am ashamed of you! Doug has not complained. If you would have read his whole post you would know that, but you assumed, and you know what they say about assuming?

    Besides, it has been just a bit over a week since the last post. I am sure he hasn't had time to recieve the latters that I am sure are starting to come in for him.

    Doug is in a depressed state at the moment and he doesn't need anyone telling him that he is complaining! He can complain all he wants as far as i'm concerned as long as he gets through this.


    "I don't want someone in my life I can live with, I want someone in my life I can't live without."

  • radar

    I am ashamed of you!

    Now,Now ladies, stop fighting over Farkel.
    At the moment your'e sounding like mother hen, protecting her chicks

    I am sure when Doug comes round a bit, he will be amused at posts like yours, Lilacs.

    Besides you are spoiling his image.

    Douglas if you are reading this, here's to ya buddy.

    Posted by Farkel [Keflar] on August 16, 2000 at 11:01:51 {SV2xP93AfUjc7.1TE24IvhKqcjatLo}:

    If God wants us to be believers, he has only to do something which would be trivial for him: appear in the visible heavens all over the world at the same time and speak a few words regarding what he wants from us. It would make skeptics like me A.F., J.H., N.H. and K.S. confirmed believers in a heartbeat.

    He did far more spectacular things in the past, did he not?

    Why are all 6 billion of us left with only confusing books, falsified history of nations, a history of unbelieveable Godly-Gore(tm) lasting thousands of years, contradictory doctrines and absolutely no reason to think he gives a rat about us?

    Why have billions of people suffered and died and continue to suffer and die because two morons ate a stupid piece of fruit six millenia ago?

    What's this notion about God "being a God of reason, love and compassion?"



  • Esmeralda

    Doug was sharing his feelings with his friends, how can that possibly be seen as complaining?


    Anyway, anyone have any ideas about how to set up a fund or get funds to him?

    Productive ideas only, please. This thread was started as a gesture of pure love from one friend to another. Lets not muddy the waters with personal opinions as to his state of mind or 'forgetfulness' of kindnesses past.

    What I'm trying to say (and badly) was already said perfectly by Lilacs:

    Doug is in a depressed state at the moment and he doesn't need anyone telling him that he is complaining! He can complain all he wants as far as i'm concerned as long as he gets through this.

    Who of us can really call him our friend if we don't do what we can, no matter how small, to help in his time of need?

    Sorry to sound snapish, I'm unusually ornary this morning because all of this bothers me so much.

  • Prisca

    Along with what Julie said, and I don't mean to be the devil's advocate (but I suppose I am in saying this):

    Has he accepted money of posters here before? I remember at the time of his dad dying he posted about his having to accept lunch at a soup kitchen, so I wrote to him offering him money to help him out (with NO mention of it being repaid). Despite offering it to him twice, he refused.

    So what basis is there to think he will accept money this time round?

  • hsmew

    Prisca et al,

    I'm currently over my limit as trilobite so abusing another username. Farkel has accepted offers in the past. This time he is desperate. If anyone can reach him please alert him. He hasn't asked for help, this was just the idea of his friends.

    Some more pledges have rolled in. I will reply to all and post more details later. Right now I have to work.

    Thanks to all,


  • Esmeralda
    So what basis is there to think he will accept money this time round?

    I don't know, Prisca. But the man is obviously desperate. Right now I'm just hoping that someone can get in touch with him. Trilobite asked me to e mail AlanF (I did) and also Norm (Who I don't know how to get a hold of) to ask if they know how to get a hold of him, or at least to let them know whats going on. I don't know where Doug is, myself and I would like to know he's okay.

    Why speculate right now? This thread is for brainstorming ideas as to how it could accomplished, no one has actually sent anything anywhere yet (this time, I don't know who did what before).

    I did some more looking into PayPal and found this info on fees: anyone who is interested in the info can go to:

    : http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/accounts-outside
    : http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/fees-outside

    I don't think that PayPal would be the best option. I think a direct bank account in Doug's name in the area where he is would be a less costly option. But that would have to be set up by Doug or by someone in his area. More ideas anyone?

    Man, I hope poor Trilobite isn't bummed out when he starts reading the responses since last night :/

  • hsmew


    Still over limit.

    Not at all. Your idea is great for a bank account. I suppose we could then use something like yahoo bill pay to transfer the money?


  • Esmeralda

    Glad to hear it, T! :)

    Yes, probably so. How about typing "Money transfer" or the like into Google or something and seeing what comes up? Maybe the post office/
    Western Union has online options too, who knows.

    Might be worth looking into. I'm off a little while, back in a bit.

    *hugs* es

  • Farkel

    Several of you are aware that for the last several months, I have been "living" in a vacant office. The building is owned by an acquantance I've known for several years. None of you know however, what just happened to me a few days ago. Over these last 5 months, I've had to work for this man to pay rent to stay there. I've have done the dirtiest back-breaking work imaginable for him for $8 per hour. I worked for almost four months for this man, painting, scrubbing floors, hauling away garbage, dry-walling, fixing things before he finally "paid" me for those services I did mostly in 7-day weeks. After he took out his rent, he gave me a check for $364.00 and told me he was doing me a favor. That amount for four months work. The man is nothing short of evil.

    About a week ago he told me I had 3 days to get out as he had rented the space. This is illegal and he knows it. Whether it is an office or not, since I was paying rent, I'm entitled by law to 30 days written notice. But since I've been here, I've seen this man in action, and he cares nothing about law or even common decency. He told me that he would put some of my stuff in one of his storage facilities if I could not find a place to put it. I took him on his word.

    AlanF (God love the man) put me in touch with an ex-dub friend of his here in San Diego, and this person who I had never met or even talked to before immediately came over with his son's truck, took a lot of my stuff, my computer, large bird cage and parrot and put it in his home and in his storage. He gave me $30 and also copies of the keys to his house and his storage facilitiy! Three hours before this, this wonderful man was a total stranger! This is just yet another example of how much I love ex-JWs. They are the finest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in my entire life.

    Another person (never a JW) consented to letting me sleep on his couch for a few days. Saturday, only a few days after I moved, I went back to my old "residence" to get my bicycle, currently my only transportation. It was gone, and so was everything else I had left there. I asked the owner what had happened to it, and he smirked, "I gave it all to GoodWill." I told him he promised to store it for me if I couldn't find a place for it. He shrugged his shoulders. I was in tears. This man did not know what irreperable damage he had done to me.

    My bike was worth $700, but more importantly he got rid of my entire collecction of JW books, including some very valuable books from the 1920's and 1930's. He got rid of over $500 important technical reference books that I use in my work programming computers (when I can find work). But even more important than all of that, he threw out momentos from my entire life, things that can never, EVER be replaced. These included pictures of all my children from infancy and while they were growing up, pictures of my parents over my lifetime, and pictures of me when I was a toddler, and teenager. He threw out my birth certificate and every momento owned by my father that I brought back from his funeral. None of that can ever be replaced. The man is evil. He also broke the law in this case too, as there is a bailment law in California and he is required to store stuff for a reasonable period of time before he has any right to dispose of it. He knows I don't have the resources to fight him, and he knows I'm too weak now to fight him.

    I will have to soon find a place to stay because this is a one-bedroom apartment and two guys are already living here. If management finds out I'm here, I'll be forced to leave. I can get a dive room in downtown San Diego for about $150-$200 per week until I can start working again. In that case, I would have hookers and druggies for neighbors.

    Prisca, I have tried to get by without putting out a general alert, but this whole situation is extremely embarrassing for me, and some have sent me some money and I only accepted what I actually needed at the time. I had never wanted to using the generosity from you and people like you to enrich myself over this situation.

    Right now, I'm interested in any kind of work. Today, I'm going to apply to be a Security Guard. Gee, I hope I'm qualified.

    My immediate concern is housing, but as I said, I can find places to rent weekly without paying a deposit if I could afford it.

    I was able to get a cell phone with 166 minutes of air-time for only $60.00, so I have somewhat of a link to the outside world. But it costs 30 cents-a-minute to use it, and I want to reserve it for responses to my job search.

    A friend is letting me use his PO box, whose address looks like a genuine address until I can get permanent housing.

    Thank you T. and all who have responded so generously. I cannot find any words that adequately express my gratitude.

    Bathory: This is no scam, and do not forget that I never scammed you. I met your challenge and you reneged. Don't you think it is a bit disingenuous for you to wonder publicly if I'm the one who is scamming?

    I still have my browser e-mail address, but can only get on the internet infrequently.

    T: I will send you my phone number, and you have my permission to share it as you see fit.

    Radar: so, what's your point? I haven't seen the hand of God in any of this, only the hands of an evil malefactor and the hands of some generous people who've stepped forward in my behalf. Or, are you just gloating over my situation?

    Losing a lifetime of momentos from my own childhood and the childhoods of all my children, and my Father was devasting to me in light of everything else.


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