If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

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  • heathen

    I think most people left the religion because they are tired of hypocrisy . Keep in mind who owns all that real estate they call kingdom halls and convention centers , the WTBTS book publishing corporation . I can agree that the people making millions off of God are greedy and self serving when it comes to the money . They all seem to think they should make as much as a rock stars and live in selfish luxury . The watchtower leaders do enjoy some perks that they aren't mentioning and from what I've been reading they treat people at the publishing facility very poorly.

    The New World translation is the most accurate today!

    The new world translation is actually the most critisized of all translations because of the lies told regarding scholarship when edited . The people in charge of the commitee actually dropped out of college because they thought the end of the world was that close . None of them had a masters degree in any of the languages .They also consulted a spirit medium named Johannes Greber .

    His name really IS Jehovah (English pronunciation going WAY back!)

    The tetragramaton was missing the vowel signatures so that nobody could pronounce the name correctly , so nobody is for certain about it.

    I gotta admit I was so surprised what I've found out about the org. when I came here , I would have made those same arguments . Take some time and look around , you might learn something about yourself as well as the cult .

  • zarco


    Great questions. I think you will find many honest replies here. But I am slowly learning that the forum is united only in being against the organization and what it teaches. It is not really for anything other than independant thought (which can be a very good thing). When I say "not for anything" I mean in a united sense - there is not a coalescing around an alternative "truth"

    Many individuals are for many things aligned with what they individualy beleive. The people on the board are wonderful in providing information and arguments against the "organization". For that I am very grateful. I just needed to scale back my expectations about what is here.


  • OnTheWayOut

    YHWH was one of many gods. His priests managed to elevate his status when the
    Persians released the Hebrews from Babylon and they built his temple. Soon, worshipping
    YHWH (or however you want to write the tetragrammaton) was all the rage.

    Stories about the beginning of everything, now credit was given to YHWH, even though he
    used to be just the warrior god, books were written and credit was given to long-dead (if ever)
    figures of history like Moses or Joshua.

    Anything written about a king- they rewrote. If he was a good king, he was
    a son of YHWH, if he was a bad king- YHWH had to let him know.
    I am sure this is based on whether their history liked a king or not.

    Most stories had been rewritten over the years before the Bible was put together.
    Some songs or stories about the current king were changed when the next king came along.
    Eventually, some songs or stories had a generic king who was the SON OF GOD in them,
    promising that he would do super-human things. Later, people thought that would have to
    be a messiah.

    ANYWAY- YHWH was not the true god, keep looking.

  • Mad

    There was no Greek equivalent for Yahweh til centuries later. The Christians in the Greek translation of the 'Old Testament' had the Hebrew characters wriiten, instead of Greek- for that reason. With the coming of Trinitarians- it was easy to just use "Lord".

    Jesus is God ONLY in the tradition branching off from the Catholic Doctrine!


  • jgnat

    So, MAD do you really think, when Paul or Jesus orated, that they suddenly switched to Hebrew when discussing Jehovah? They spoke the language of the times to the people of the times.

    If your scholarship matched your confidence, MAD, you'd be downright impressive.

  • Mad

    Hey- I need all the help I can get; I'm a brain-washed Zombie of the Watchtower Society...please SAVE me!


    Let's hear these 'facts' you think you know!


  • Twitch

    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?
    Perhaps you are. Perhaps we're all gods of our own worlds. Even the stars live and die.

  • Mad

    You-" So, MAD do you really think, when Paul or Jesus orated, that they suddenly switched to Hebrew when discussing Jehovah? They spoke the language of the times to the people of the times.If your scholarship matched your confidence, MAD, you'd be downright impressive."

    What do YOU think; THEY wrote the name- AND also spoke Hebrew; since we weren't there the rest is guesswork- EXCEPT that neither Christ nor his apostles & apostles babbled the Trinity- that started a century after Christ had been resurrected- and it caused bitter disputes since it contradicted what Christ & scripture revealed.

    Your thought? Did Jeus give a meaningless prayer when he said "Hallowed be thy Name"??? Or did the Christians become like the Jews, who not only left the True God- but had stopped using His name altogether?


  • Vinny

    Here are just a few questions for you Mr. Mad:

    1- Where do you find the "scriptural principle", to post in writing, 11 end of the world predictions? (None of which came true by the way).

    2- Where is the "scriptural principle" that supports disfellowshipping and shunning a christian for disagreeing with current WT teachings?

    3- Where was the "scriptural principle" ever said that Organ Transplants were unacceptable for Christians and viewed as "cannibalism" as the society taught?

    4- Where was the "scriptural principle" for not allowing Vaccinations for 21 years?

    5- Please show me the "scriptural principle" that disallowed "Alternative Service" for 50 years. Please comment on why tens of thousands of brothers had to go to prison for such a policy that was finally made a conscience matter, without any apologies?

    6- Please show us the scriptural principle that supports today's WT policies prohibiting blood transfusions completely, allowing certain blood fractions, not allowing other smaller more vital fractions, not storing your own blood (since mosaic law was done away with), allowing JW's to dip into the world's blood supply by accepting fractions, but not be allowed to put back into that very same supply they can take from?

    7- Please show us the scriptural principle where those that simply walk away from the WT faith, without sinning, have to be shunned and labeled?

    This will just get you started. Let's see how good you are. Looking forward to your detailed replies!

  • Narkissos

    Welcome Mad,

    Just a question and a suggestion for a start:

    Do you think the New Testament texts were accurately transmitted? (yes or no, why and how).

    Read Romans chapter 10 in any Bible except the NWT; try to understand what point Paul is trying to make, and how the quotation of Joel in v. 13 serves his argument. When you get it, switch to the NWT and see what happens.

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