If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

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  • thetrueone

    God is a manifestation of human ignorance

    God belief maintains itself by men and the percurment of power amd order, that's why there are so many religions in the world

    That's why the jw organization says we are the one and only true religion

    That's why the Mormons say they are the one and only true religion

    That's why the Muslims say they are the one and only true religion and so on........

    They remind me of a bunch of buisness men, selling on the same street waiting for people to patronize them.....

    Some do, some don't , but certainly the choice is yours.......

    I'd just like to add that once you have immerced yourself in the power of god, you also have to immerce yourself with the power of

    men and that usually is not a very good thing from my viewpoint.

  • RAF
    JT : Now notice what is seeing. Notice what is most immediate, intimate and REAL. Here is truth

    To emphase ...

    Also (faith have nothing to do with the JWLIKETRUTH - your christianity lays in your heart and it's not so hard to SEE what is right and wrong relatively to others)

  • JamesThomas
    your christianity lays in your heart

    Actually, I agree that what the word C-h-r-i-s-t actually points to, is found within our own consciousness. Not as a person or thing, or any limited circumscribable object or entity, but rather as That which unites us all. It is the very same Conscious-awareness which looks out every eye, breathes through the leaves of every tree, shines brightly from every star, and spins in every atom.

    That I define self by some religion or greed, only separates and distills me, and seemingly fragments the wholeness which can in truth, never be broken.


  • IsaacJS2

    As far as I know, all religions are based on faith, not facts. Some tend to manufacture "facts" as evidence to support their beliefs like the WTS, but I don't know of any such evidence any of them can offer that can't be disproven or at least found questionable. Of course, to test that you will have to do the leg work yourself.

    That's a key reason why I'm an atheist, which you asked me about in another topic.


  • stillajwexelder
  • Satanus

    Well, since jehovah is a catholic invention, i would say that the roman catholic are his people. Before that, he was known as yhwh in the ot. Yhwh was exclusively the god of the jews, they being his people. If you need a god, why not find one on your own? If none reveals itself to you, then perhaps your are godless. Anyways, second hand gods just aren't all that they are cracked up to being.


  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    Jiohdi is GOD


    Jiohdi is Pronounced G.O.D.

    the Generator Of Dreams... the ultimate reality, the source of everyTHING perceived, yet is not one of those THINGS... and so GOD is NO-thing.

    everyTHING we know is perception, dream, and so we are all dreamers dreaming of a world that exists within GOD.

    in HIM we live and move and have our being --- Acts 17:28

    GOD, reality, has no maker, no origin, no cause, and thus no purpose nor plan and is and does exactly what the true nature of GOD dictates and we are all the present manifestation of that divine, eternal, will. There is no SIN for those who believe in GOD as all things are exactly as they must be and can only be viewed as flawed, evil or corrupt by comparison to that which is unreal or imagined.


    ..Bert..Bert is the true God..Prove me wrong..OUTLAW

  • Dismembered

    Greetings unbaptized,

    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is? If the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't God's people then who is?

    Please let me know and I need current information, not outdated information regarding the origin of the organization. I need biblical facts that can be researched.

    Do your homework. That means you can get a staisfactory answer to your question if you are prepared to spend some time here at JWD. Look and you will find. There's more inforamtion on this website than in the annals of that locked library at bethel headquarters, that only some have the key to. Dismembered

  • jgnat
    I need current information, not outdated information regarding the origin of the organization

    A funny thing about history. The farther away from the event you get, the fuzzier the "current" information on the past becomes. I'll give several modern examples. Once in a while a wildly popular modern figure will suddenly die. The public is bereft, and questions are asked. Some people cannot reconcile themselves that these people are gone. For example, we have Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Kennedy, and Lady Diana. Within a short time after their passing, questions are asked about the details of their death. Even if their death was public, televised, and easily provable. People start asking, was there foul play? Maybe they didn't die, but live in a secluded monastery in Pasadena?

    You don't get closer to the truth by reading modern interpretation of past events, but by getting as close to the source as possible. A secondary verification comes from peer reviews and cited sources. Does the author have a reputation for objectivity, careful research? Can you double check his sources? It does not matter if his argument SOUNDS good. Can it be double-checked?

    For the origins of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, I find the Bible Students material to be better preserved than what the WTBTS revises every year. http://www.biblestudents.net/history/ You may also enjoy reading early Golden Age articles to get a sense of what it was like to be an early Jehovah's Witness. http://www.premier1.net/~raines/intro.html

    p.s. I believe there is only one God. If there is only one, why do I need to prove that MY god is the TRUE one? As soon as I claim exclusivity, I admit there are other gods in this world. I won't.

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