If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

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  • frankiespeakin

    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

    Who is to say there has to be a true god, you ask a question based on a false premiss. It's like saying: If Thor isn't the god of thunder than who is?

    If the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't God's people then who is?

    Another question based on a false premiss, does Jehovah need to have a people and if so does he only chose one group and say the hell with the rest, added to the fact that no one ever has seen this jehovah and that he don't make any public appearences one can rightly question his very existence.

    Please let me know and I need current information, not outdated information regarding the origin of the organization. I need biblical facts that can be researched.

    Well if you need current information that automatically rules out the bible, that book has been copied and rewritten so many times that one could hardly referr to anything in its pages as "biblical facts".

  • found-my-way

    Hi unbaptized,

    Your question is the one that many people ask.

    The answer is, it is up to you to decide what you believe: one person will say, the evangicals that have the true religion, the JW's say they do, the mormons say they do, the orthodox's religions say they do, PICK ANY RELIGION, and they will say they worship the true god, and they are the true religion. (Hence why I, personally, choose NO RELIGION)

    if your question was easily answered, the enitre population would all be in ONE religion right now, worshiping in unity to God. But who says we NEED a religion in the first place? What if atheists are correct? What if there is no god at all, and that humans made him up?

    Read the Bible, many transalations, not just one. You will be surprised that you will find different variations, you will read scriptures that have been translated and have the opposite meaning. (example, in the NWT Nimbrod is stated as being an opposer of Jehovah, yet in other translation, he is described as being favoured by God.) Soooooooo, with that said, you can understand why some people wonder if the Bible is a book inspired by God...

    I wish I knew, but the more I learn, the more I question...and the more I am leaning towards learning about our universe and origins by just learning about the facts, and not taking a black and white viewpoint...my mind is open to ALL POSSIBLITIES

  • Qcmbr

    If you want to know who God is or whether He exists you'll need to ask God. I'd recommend prayer but do whatever feels natural. Its not anybody else's job to prove God nor is it yours - its His. If you don't get an answer that's an answer.

  • RAF
    Narkissos : By all means question your questions.

    Just to emphase ...

  • fullofdoubtnow


    What leads you to consider that god would have a "people"? The bible says that god so loved the world..., which presumably means all the people of the world, so why would he grant special favour to a specific group?

    I am well aware that jws consider themselves "god's people", but that is only their viewpoint, and doesn't make them right. As for bible facts, what are they? It's said that, in part, the bible is historically accurate, but that doesn't make it a history book, with checkable dates. Belief in the bible is based on faith, not facts.

  • unbaptized

    All beliefs are based on faith. But not all beliefs are based on facts.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Your initial question is like asking, "Do you carry your lunch to school in a brown paper bag, or do you brush your teeth up and down?" It makes no sense.

    It's been said already in this thread, but, the better initial question would be, "Is there a God?"

  • Elsewhere
    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster!


    touched by his noodly appendage

  • Borgia

    Try this one as an aperativo.

    realism in OT - Thesis



  • JamesThomas

    Perhaps you are simply asking: What is true?

    This is a far easier question to answer than many would expect; yet, it can not be genuinely answered in words. It must be lived.

    First be very present and acutely aware of the present moment of existence. Silently and nonjudgmentally watch the mind as it presents its thoughts and pictures. Notice that all this before you is interpretive and conceptual abstracts, and so clearly not the TRUTH you seek. Now notice what is seeing. Notice what is most immediate, intimate and REAL. Here is truth. You, are actuality, reality and truth. Not what your mind presents, but rather what the mind exists within: the conscious-presence of BEING.

    Look deeper here, into the depths of your own silent and pristine pool of being. Look for truth in what can be clearly seen as true already. Seek for truth in truth.

    You will discover the ultimate and most wondrous truth as your own being, or it won't be found at all.

    Don't need a Bible, or religion, or a some god, or anything other than your own conscious awarness to look deep into what is looking.


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