If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

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  • LexWatson

    If you accept the Bible as a source of facts, (and obviously many do NOT) and realize it is best to read several of them and know their differences, then one can safely say that The Most High God is identified as YHWH.

    That part was easy.

    If we assume that The Most High God would expect his people to teach TRUTH and follow his word, then it is obvious the WT Club is not being used by YHWH. There are plenty of recent facts to confirm that!

    For me, I have adopted the mindset that God's people are not identified by a "membership card". It is a lifestyle and a heart condition.

    Jehovah's Witnesses as an organization are NOT God's chosen. Are there card carrying members who might have God's favor? Perhaps...but no man on earth can read their heart to know for sure.

    Only WT club elders claim to be able to know individuals heart condition...which is one more thing that identifies them as false.

  • Gill

    If Jehovah IS the True God them I'm the Queen of Sheba!


    The name Jehovah has only been used for the last 700 years..They could have just as easily called him Bert..Are "Berts Witness`s" Gods people?..I have no idea..I worship an old pair of gym socks I keep in a gym bag so they don`t run around by themselves..Later on today,I will sacrifice a chicken in honour of my old gym socks..My gym socks demand a sacrifice once a week,or they will destroy the world!...OUTLAW

  • proplog2

    Jehovah - he causes to be. He is the "be-cause".

    He is the end of the conversation you have with your 6 year old Why? This Why? That ..... because, because, because....

    Finally that's the way God made everything.

    Now leave daddy (mommy) alone so they can do what they want to do.

    A stupid answer for the deepest questions in the universe.

  • kid-A

    This is where your god was born....between neurochemical synapses in your cortex. This is where he lives, should you choose to maintain his existence.

    This is where you create truth, illusion, facts and lies. It is the limits of noumenal reality, and the theater of your phenomenal world. This is all.

  • needproof

    Just follow the white rabbit. Everybody's idea of God is different. Just use the one that suits you. If your God is a jealous, vindictive racist then you might feel at home at the Kingdom Hall. Perhaps you will find your God at a football match, or doing something you really feel at home doing. How can any of our tiny minds comprehend something so big? We don't even know how big the universe is yet, how could we possibly 'know' God?

    God is just a concept in your mind. Without your mind, God does not exist. How is God real? Your mind makes God real.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I don't like assuming the motives for people's questions, but I would like to share my realizations while a JW. How I wondered, did god feel to see two people, a JW and a Lutheran for instance, (or a JW and a mulsim, a hindu, etc) in all sincerity look at the other person, knowing YOU were right, THEY were wrong, YOU were in god's love and good graces forever, THEY were being misled by the devil and would either be dead or burn forever. Which truth is truth? Is there something you can point to other then the simple conviction you have that the faith you learned or inherited is THE faith? What facts can we demonstrate to show OUR holy book is more accurate then THEIR holy book? Prophecy? A secret code? Love???

    If god exists, why all of the melodrama? Why the games? Why would he, the omnipotent one, treat his first children with less responsibility then we would today? If you knew a predator was out to get your kids, to trick your kids, wouldn't you warn them? Or would you think it a great way to test your child's love and loyalty to you? Yet, that is exactly what YHWH did. He never warned them of this evil Satan. (named later of course, in the gospels and Revelation.) And because they were not warned, ate a fruit that Eve was supposedly tricked into eating (even the bible says Eve was fooled) he kicked them out to a desolate life. In other words, YHWH would be arrested for child neglect and abuse today if he were a human parent. That isn't loving, it isn't educational, it explains nothing. And of course, the real question for the bible lovers here: Do you really believe that all of the trouble in the world came about because 2 people ate a fruit that a snake told them to eat?

    Anyway, if god exisits, I hope he doesn't mind me asking why in the world we have to go through all of the bait and switching to find out who he is and what he wants us to do. He is truly a delinquent father...

  • Mad

    Hello, UB!

    Fact 1: God EXISTS (Design thruout the Universe!

    Fact 2: The Bible really IS inspired of God!

    Fact 3: The New World translation is the most accurate today!

    Fact 4: His name really IS Jehovah (English pronunciation going WAY back!)

    I will be happy to debate these points- with FACTS.

    Related fact: Yes my brotherhood's organization is continually making mistakes, the "Faithful Slave" as they call themselves at HQ, appear to be suffering

    from the 'Apostle Syndrome' (Greater Complex), and we have a lot of goofy ideas about what some of the prophecies of the Last Days mean.

    Is it POSSIBLE for men- especially their organizations- NOT to make mistakes, and be screwed up ?

    The hecklers on this site are probably, for the most part, what I call 'One-Man Messiahs"- or even worse; going to churches that have FAR goofier

    ideas as to what the prophecies mean, have FAR more concieted leaders (that have mansions, cars, etc all paid for)- that teach DISGUSTING

    things about God!

    We are just a small group of people doing our best to listen to Christ's command to preach, and the ONLY group that worship the "God and Father

    of our Lord Jesus Christ", other than a few splinter groups that might!


  • jgnat

    My, my mad. The first thing we are going to have to straighten out is the difference between opinion and fact.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I like frankiespeakin's entire answer. Especially this part-

    It's like saying: If Thor isn't the god of thunder than who is?

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster- that's a good answer, too.

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