If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

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  • free2beme

    If you want to find answers like this, your going to have to remove the JW mind set and the Christian mind set and broaden your search.

  • Vinny

    Here you go Mad:


    No rush. Take small pieces at a time if you'd like.

    Best, Vinny

  • Jeffro
    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is? If the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't God's people then who is?

    This question assumes there is a God, so we'll work in that context...

    The Witnesses claim that there is only an organization approved by God since 1914 because of their 607 mythology. Ergo, they believe that before that, there wasn't an organization that had the truth. Given that nothing significant actually happened in October of 1914, there is no reason to believe those fantasies. In that case, there is no reason to believe that there is any organization that has the supposed 'truth'.

  • greendawn

    The great gravity the dubs put on the name jehovah indicates a serious problem in their approach to Christianity, being so obssessed with this name is like regressing back to the OT and the Mosaic law and completely ignoring the new set up under Jesus. We shouldn't have "an organisation of Jehovah" but "the church of Christ" whether the WTS wants to admit it or not the Father gave everything to the Son (at least as far as this world is concerned) who is therefore the new owner of this world, and in this sense like it or not the name jehovah is dead just as the Mosaic law is dead.

  • jgnat

    The Jews, even though speaking the language of whatever land they live in-as tody- in general, still sopke Hebrew. When Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah at the temple, it was likely in Hebrew-

    For the sake of those reading, your confidence does not match history. http://www.markdroberts.com/htmfiles/resources/jesuslanguage.htm

    and to think HE wouldn't honor nor use the Name of his God & Father is ludicrous.

    Only if one held a firmly held doctrinal belief as you do. Are you so firm in your belief that you cannot hear? The Jews of the time considered it dishonoring of God to mention his name aloud.

    Also, to think Jesus- who condemned their ridiculous traditions- would follow them by NOT using the Name- is EQUALLY so!

    You presume to know the mind of Jesus. I prefer to start with what we DO know. Of the people, the times, the language. Does your doctrine hold up? It does not.

    Before we get down to doctrine, let's get the source straight. The OLDEST early Christian manuscripts DID NOT use "Jehovah" in the Christian Greek Scriptures. Why didn't the WTBTS use those? Which manuscripts are these?

    Narkissos has neatly explained to you that ALL the earliest greek manuscripts used "Lord" instead of YHWH. You can look this up yourself in the WT book, "Studies in the Scriptures."

  • poppers

    From Mad:

    None; human stupidity!
    Wow! That "slave" sure is stupid, considering how many times you cite "human stupidity" to it. Have you told them that to their face?

  • Mad

    These postings are ridiculous. Do any of you deny the Tetragrammaton? Many excuses have been conjured up to deny using it!

    When you consider that the NT writers spoke Hebrew, don't you think that they would have USED it- ESPECIALLY when quoting the Hebrew OT text- or do you REALLY think they ignored it- or changed it to KURIOS ("Lord" Greek)???

    Pathetic! The typical Greek copies of NT manuscripts are from 300 years+ LATER.. Yes, SOME are a little earlier- but are only very tiny fragments.

    Grow UP!

    If you want to believe in Zeus (as is being revived in Greece), Hari Krisna, Budda, or Mohammed- who's stopping you? However, if caliming to see the Bible as the Word of God- just grow up!!


    The name Jehovah has only been used for the last 700 yrs..Who came up with the name???..Catholics..Jehovah`s Witness`s use a Catholic name to identify thier God..And..Thier Religion..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Mad

    Outlaw wrote:"The name Jehovah has only been used for the last 700 yrs..Who came up with the name???..Catholics..Jehovah`s Witness`s use a Catholic name to identify thier God..And..Thier Religion..LOL!!...

    Mad writes: Obviously you know very little on the matter, Outlaw. The favorite excuse from the clergy is that since the EXACT pronounciation is not known for sure (Thanks to ancient Judaism), it should not be used. Following THAT arguement, we shouldn't use the name of many 'Old testament' individuals. Fact is, the Divine Name is a part of many biblical names- including "Jesus"- so the pronounciation is probably Yahweh....Jehovah in English. My name Michael is pronounced Miguel in Spanish- it would not offend me if anyone used that form. The fact that your name is HONORED (even if slightly mispronounced) is what's important! The fact is that probably NONE of the ancient biblical persona would recognise modern forms of their names!

  • Finally-Free
    If Jehovah isn't the true God then who is?

    ROCCO!!! He graciously accepts sacrifices of praise, tummy rubs, and food.

    You may now feel free to return to serious discussion. I won't.


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