Anyone here, have you had enough religion for the rest of your life?

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  • RAF

    introduction thread :

    Thats how I feel,..... no disrespect for those who find another way or place to worship.

    I for one cannot stand any religion on any level. How do you feel?

    It's just normal to be fed up at the end (this is how it's supposed to be - religions are supposed to bother us at some point, they are a bit too frustrating and wrong in many ways) any religion is first a phylosophie, so why getting into human religion too much ... being christian from heart to me is a phylosophy and if the word religion is used to talk about it stays in a spiritual way (so it is still a phylosophy) That doesn't mean I don't have faith in God/Christ ... My faith is stronger than ever ... I just don't care about the details.

  • avengers

    I've had enough religion for several lifetimes.


  • rowan

    Vomit, I totally agree with you. and your first response to this thread is brilliant.

  • PEC

    Organized religion is evil.

  • lonelysheep

    Yes!I grew up with different forms of christianity from birth, with the witnesses being the final straw. Same $hit, different toilet. No, thanks.

    Oneness with self is my religion. You are the one who controls your thoughts and makes you feel.

    I like that.

  • brainfcked

    Not yet. I like the smell of the catholic church. I don't go often but I like the smell. Weird huh?

    I am not a believer in the catholic church but sometimes I like to go and listen to the sermon and smell the incense.

  • lonelysheep
    I don't go often but I like the smell.

    At least no one will bother you as to why you aren't at each and every single Mass.

    You brought back memories and now, I have the Hosana song stuck in my head!

  • freyd

    Organized Religion is an oxymoron. Religion by definition is disorganized. Trying to organize it results in organized chaos. Scripture does not teach the need to be organized or religious. It teaches faithfulness and love of God and man. When you combine Scripture with organization you get enforced nonsensical creeds and dogma.

  • minimus

    I'm all religioned out. Would never join another.

  • Finally-Free
    Same $hit, different toilet.
    I don't go often but I like the smell.

    By using the standard JW practice of taking writings out of context, it's possible to turn this thread into almost any direction.

    I go regularly religiously.


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