The Day all Jehovah`s Witness`s are put into Concentration Camps!

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    This deserves a respectful answer, to the shameful way we were ALL treated by WatchTower.

    It is NOT a kind thing to scare little children, let alone, adults.

    In 2002, a sister, DOB 1955, a born in, was showing me her new custom home and all the hiding places they created, to hide literature.

    An older sister, born-in, DOB 1928, had kept her mom's collection of baby diapers to use as necessary First Aid bandages, for when the persecution hit and we would be tortured. DOD 2011, with a house and drawers brimming with things to be used to help the Brothers and Sisters make it through the Great Tribulation.

    A sister, DOB 1936, was berating herself, several years ago, for not being prepared for the great tribulation. She has a large property and intends to bury her mother's good China dishes, so they don't get broken, then dig them up after "the all clear"..... after Armageddon.

    Just Lois

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I've never been in a Kingdom hall that hasn't had windows. That's the way they build them here.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    When I read 1984 and gulag books where all the people were tortured into confessing or submitting to the regime I would wonder how I would cope when it happened to me. I was told by a sister never to talk about what I'm afraid of because Satan will hear and it can be used to torture me.

    I used to worry about what i'd tell my non-JW parents when we got the 'call' to 'flee to the mountains' when Armageddon was coming, and also that my brother who was in the army for a few years would be ordered to shoot me...and actually do it. Being shot didn't frighten me as much as being betrayed by my beloved brother.

    What messed up crap.

  • Watkins

    I used to(when I was in) wish I'd been born into that religion... I'd be an even bigger basket-case if I had been...

    My old KH(built in the 80's I think) has no windows - not for claustrophobes! I think it matters when they're built - and what the elders decide. If they could save a few bucks on insurance by not having windows, I suppose that would influence their decision, or maybe it was solely the HQ's decision, idk.


  • clarity

    Thanks for your experiences .... seems like the ones who have

    just become jw's in the last few years, do not realize just how

    crazy this society has been! (& will be again).


    Never heard about burying a set of 'mothers good dishes' tho,

    what a bunch of dupes we were! LOL soooooo fooled. Sad.


  • gma-tired2

    I am having flashbacks, I have years convinced myself I made the meetings worse than what they truly were. Guess not!! We all could not be having the same memories if they weren't true. I emember sitting at meeting a very frail skinny scared child knowing I would never be faithful thru these horrible tortures my decision was to be faithful until the torture started and maybe I would die quickly so no one would not know ho little faith I had. I never even truly thought I would survive Armegeddon just knew life was too scary for me always had little faith , started living double life at age 14 and always prepared to die at beginning of GT. Even if I killed myself. I wasn't suppose to grow up anyhow.

    I know what I have written confusing but I think my childhood is still confusing to myself. I am now going to the beach and read and do some snacking too many bad memories. Glad to have all of you here for me.

  • Apognophos

    I grew up in the eighties, and I still experienced the persecution propaganda. My secondary concern was probably whether I could withstand the torture, and my main concern was being cooped up in a railroad car with other Witnesses as prisoners and having to do my business in a corner behind a blanket. It sounds funny now, but it was pretty anxiety-inducing at the time.

    On another note, my Halls have always had windows, so let's put the kibosh on the "Kingdom Halls don't have windows" meme, it makes the forum look out of touch.

    On another note, my Halls have always had windows, so let's put the kibosh on the "Kingdom Halls don't have windows" meme,
    it makes the forum look out of touch.

    The thread is 6 years old..LOL!!..

    A lot of Kingdom Halls were built Without Windows..

    Maybe not any more but,there Was a Time..

    .......................... photo mutley-ani1.gif... OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    Exactly Outlaw. And there was a time when Beth Sarim was built for the faithful men of old times

    like Abraham , joseph and David

    And you best bet many Witnesses today will deny that too

    Especially the ones who are out of touch when it comes to the past of the WTS

  • gma-tired2

    Did anyone else have anxiety attacts after reading this topic. I was attacked by these memories of fear after reading this topic. Better now went to Beach and read. I read mysterys, today A Alex Kava about serial murderer but these books I take in stride but memories from KH brings on anxiety. Glad I'm out.

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