The Day all Jehovah`s Witness`s are put into Concentration Camps!

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  • Confession

    I remember being at a circuit assembly somewhere in Michigan in the very early 70s. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old. It was dark while the drama was going on, and I was (I think) walking back to the seats from the mensroom. The drama was supposed to depict what it would be like during Armageddon, and at one point a guy flew across the stage screeching...


    I freaked out, running back to my parents in stark terror. Mom used to relate this experience with a snicker.

    Real flippin' funny, Mom.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I caught the back end of the victimization paranoia when I was a kid. We were told the authorities would come looking for the elders and we were to remain shtum even through threats and beatings (for some reason the authorities always had german accents - Vere are ze elders! mind you a lot of JW's are closet racists)

    My mother bought a reversible coat and sunglasses for the ministry so that if we were caught witnessing during the great trib she'd nip behind a corner, reverse the coat, put the glasses on and walk off whistling nonchalantly. Bit before my time but after the group at my grans house in the 50's they used to have a drill where someone would pretend to be the police outside the door and everyone had to gather their books together and slot them inside my grans piano and then get board games out and pretend it was a social gathering. Kinda like those speakeasy's you see on films.

    There seemed to be a constant paranoia about being put under ban in the 50's and 60's. My grandad told me that at one time there was a rota for secret meeting places if the KH's were ever closed down and that the meeting times would change week to week to confuse the authorities if they ever did suss where JW's were meeting. That didn't last long though, too much for people to remember and too much admin.

    Every time the family watched The Sound Of Music at the end scene and they're fleeing over the mountains to Swiss freedom they'd say 'that's us during the great trib escaping the ban'

    I think they all looked forward to the great tribulation as it seemed quite exciting compared to the dull monotonous existence of the ordinary JW.

  • Just as I am
    Just as I am


    I freaked out, running back to my parents in stark terror. Mom used to relate this experience with a snicker.

    Real flippin' funny, Mom.

    Oh my cow! That was so funny! Our KH in the 70s had block windows, there was light but we couldn't see in or out. As children, we were always told to be obedient to the nth degree because there might come a time when we would be told to run or hide and it would mean our lives to do it immediately and without question. Sheesh, what a load of controlling, fear inducing crap!

  • Elsewhere
    When I was a kid,Kingdom Halls still had windows.Thats a while ago..As a kid I was told in the last days,Jehovah`s Witness`s would be rounded up and be put into concentration camps..I was told,when the government came to take me away and seperate me from my parents,I should wear my warmest coat and boots.As I would have to fend for myself in the concentration camp..I was told never to give up my faith.Even if they tied my parents to a stake and was foced to light the fire that would burn them alive.....Jehovah`s Witness`s are the "Happiest People on Earth!".....Do you have any Happy Memorys like mine?...OUTLAW

    Yup... I remember by dad telling me something very similar to this.

  • Sparkplug

    OMG Wehn I moved to St James Missouri...this is the first thing the locals asked. I was told by the "brothers" That it was easier on construction and kept insurance purposes down.

  • SirNose586

    When I first heard about the secret detention facilities being built around the United States, I was under full mind-control. I can remember trying to look for ways that the government could legally round up a bunch of people and lock them away. Mind you there are ways the government can do this to a group of people that it doesn't like (and is already doing--see Guantanamo Bay), but the idea of this happening to the dubs is now a ludicrous.

    The persecution complex is a great way to keep followers in line.

  • heathen

    Yah it's been done before . Nazi germany , jews and dissenters were thrown in concentration camps. The US had the WTBTS shut down and the leaders sent to prison during WW1 . They believe they represent the 2 witnesses that were killed and stunk so bad and then were revived . In revelations.

  • Abandoned

    ROFLMAO! You crack me up OUTLAW.

  • Bryan

    Yes, I was told we had to make the meetings because you never knew when the elders would tell us to meet in secret after the authorities came for us.

    I also discover in the last 2 years that one of my stepsisters still is dealing with her fear of 1975. She was 13 then and was sure Jah was going to destroy her. Funny the lasting effects of cult mind control.


  • MinisterAmos

    Like the sister said in he meeting this Sunday, "as long as we are beig persecuted we know we are doing good"

    Realistically it's the Dubs who are doing the full-time persecution and hate-mongering. Didn't we all read "The end of false religion"?

    Most folks couldn't give a damn about this insignificant little cult much less waste their time persecuting them.

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