The Day all Jehovah`s Witness`s are put into Concentration Camps!

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  • luna2

    I don't know that I made a big issue of POSSIBLE DISGUSTING DETAILS OF THE TRIBULATION with my kids but I remember other "friends" who had an almost unhealthy fixation on it. One sis told me that she often imagined having to eat bugs and such to survive in prison. She was quite descriptive when explaining it to me. I wanted to go home and barf.

    Maybe that's why she stopped bathing regularly several years later....more practice for concentration camp life in the great trib.

  • minimus

    Oh yeah, the concentration camps....I was prepared as a pre-schooler to survive there in integrity.

  • jaguarbass

    Children are mentaly abused by the Jehovah`s Witness religion..I have rarely seen my parents in the last 20 years..I`m sorry I was raised by them..One is dead now,the other is still a "Watchtower Thumping Nutcase."...OUTLAW

    I have a difficult time seeing or talking to my mother also. Even though she has been out of the organizaton for the past 15 years. The damage was done in the formative years. I have a lot of anger about having parents who didnt parent. They neglected their respoonsibility and let a cheap magazine publishing company raise their child.
  • blondie

    Actually, as a kid I was taught that all religious people would be rounded up and destroyed but only JWs would survive.


  • Borgia

    Malawi was used as an example of how the GT would commence. But I cannot remember being all to scared to concerned. I should however agree with the sentiment expressed in a lot of posts that there actually is a kind "love to be the victim" sentiment, because it would somehow prove how approved of God they are.

    Sick it is.



  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Must be why (subconsciously) I decided to become a Muslim. I have a much better chance now of being persecuted and put in a detention centerLOL


  • Billzfan23
    As a newcommer to this site but someone who grew up in the "truth", I can remember windows as a child and then no more windows too... I just never put two and two together until I read this. Why are the windows gone from the Kingdom Halls??? Strange!

    We just built a hall a couple years ago and there are windows galore at our hall. All the new halls have windows. What rock do y'all live under - I can only think of a couple of hall in our circuit that does not have windows, and multiple windows at that. They don't need the windows for light, though... They are loaded with "light"

  • heathen

    Those are some shocking scenarios . The worse I can remember is discussing having to go underground and that's why we needed to attend every meeting so we would know when and how to meet up . Are you kidding with the talk about drinking your own urine? that's sick man. I think most dubbys would break if you waved a donut in front of them and told them they couldn't have it unless they denounced the religion>LOL

  • clarity

    This is from a few years back. .... I don't think newbies know about all

    the terrifying history of JW's ... these were days of paranoia, before 1975

    when this old world was foretold to end!


    Many, including my family, had fears of being thrown in

    concentration camps.


    The atrocities from the second world war were still fresh,

    and it was easy to superimpose those experiences onto this

    end time of 1975!


    If you were in the jw's in the 50's, 60's & 70's, what fears did you have

    about armageddon?


    Remember when the society renamed the 'Book Study' to

    a secret meeting place called the 'Rendezvous' and said this was where we would come

    when the Great Tribulation started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OMG ...what a crazy time!

    Some of the friends buried a supply of watchtowers in the back yard,

    so they could use them for teaching after armageddon!


  • clarity

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