What do women REALLY want?

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  • J-ex-W

    Mavie--- I think I just had one. ...the full checklist with the dark, swarthy face...

  • crazyblondeb


    Now you have gone and hurt what feelings I had left. You didn't even answer my question!!

    Just like a man, only answer when they want to!!

  • greendawn

    This is not universal as different women have different criteria, for some it is wealth such as a high income job or lots of property and money in the bank, for others it could be sex, personality, social status, intelligence. I suppose the common denominator for most criteria is security.

  • mavie

    crazy, the answer to marriage is no...however, that doesn't mean the checklist needs to go unfulfilled....

  • Xena

    I still love ya Pleasuredome, unfortunately (for you) I'm already taken. Be a trooper.

  • crazyblondeb
    crazy, the answer to marriage is no...however, that doesn't mean the checklist needs to go unfulfilled....

    You broke my heart.

    OK, I'm over it!! Boy are you lucky my MENOPAUSE is directed elsewhere right now!! LOL

    Believe me, I got the checklist under control, sorta!!

  • RAF

    ok ok ok ... You win ... I don't know what I want ... and that's probably why I also know I just don't want to get married at least ... being dissapointing or dissapointed is hard enough to a plus have to take 1 to 2 years to divorce ... I want to be and stay in a position to say ... I'm done right now ... I'm not granted and the other one either ...

    Eddited to add : is one need to be free ... both have to be set free

  • one

    good question

    watch your answers

    After asking your ex...

    to find out then read the bible... you'll find out...

    Dont forget to revisit Adam,

    Samson (sp?), niced heir cut

    John (beheaded),

    Jezabel, ...

    Salomon (too many, got carried away)

    Babylon the grape...

    your next "massage house" in downtown


    Lot's daughters,


    during the mean time i'll ask my mother, she made me do it (jw)

    They say angels in heaven have no gender but they all look like men to me, they even have long beards, some enjoy a good fight too

    specially those that came down on vacation around Noath's time

    hey women here, the bible really make men wonder

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, the sayings make sense, but what REALLY doesn't make sense Ladies; is I have three women all agreeing with me in a matter of minutes. I must put this one in my calender. LOL, thanks Ladies.


    Yes and then let's all celebrate next year! Really, we gals are much more likely to agree with you fellas when you are sensible. That was a cute comment, by the way.

  • Kudra


    Learn to be completely happy and confident with yourself first- then go out there and give that to someone you want to love and have a ton of laughs with.

    This has worked for me... I always flub up a relationship when I am not comfortable and happy with myself at the time. I'm not saying that you are not happy etc, but just somehting I have learned in my life...


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