Revelation Climax, page 52, Kindly Respond

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  • dmouse

    I don't subscribe to the subliminal theories myself. I see faces of various descriptions in wallpaper, curtains, carpets and such all the time - it's just human nature (or I'm weird!)

    But what I did notice was that all the 'kings' standing with Jesus are white males.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends,

    Special thanks to Blondie for providing the links for the WT pubs. and Nana and V for the scans. Mene and Tophat and Gill (sorry if I've left anyone out!):

    Apart from theories and possible, so-called agendas, I know of about six JWs who were DFd over their questioning the Society's art. One is a personal friend, the most recently DFd. The others' story is documented. No hearsay. No rumors. I have my thoughts, but I have come to appreciate from the seasoned members on JWD that research, and more research, is mandatory. Sloppy scholarship and hyperbole, even lies, have proven to be the "spiritual foundation" upon which we had built our lives. Now we have to rebuild our lives and rethink everything.

    Thank you again,


  • jayhawk1

    I don't buy into the subliminal messages theory. I do buy into the sloppy art for a sloppy religion theory.

  • lovelylil


    Someone showed me this image last night during a bible study group and it is very weird to say the least. If you put a magnifying glass to it you will see a tiny scull that the sceptor seems to go right through. My hubby saw it and even my two kids saw it without anyone telling them what to look for.

    I've found some of these images to be grabbing at straws but last night I saw a few that you can clearly see. Another one, which I forget where it was had the face of Zeus in a lady's skirt.

    These images may be there because the art department is bored and is playing games or they could be trying to send some type of messages. I've heard other theories as well. Also my kids have seen images in the WT artwork for years when we were in. I just dismissed them as coincidance but I have been shown some that must have been done on purpose. Whatever the reason is, I definately find it very wierd to do considering this artwork is supposed to repesent God in some way. Lilly

  • betterdaze

    From here it looks like a demonic tail on Jesus.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >>There is a variety of art called the nut genre variety. WT art is part of that classification

    I don't think you'll get any argument that the WT is part of the "nut genre"!

    Dave of the "low-hanging fruit" class

  • Jourles

    I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of the penciled in note of, "100, 44000." Was this book used by a child per chance?

    I'm gonna have to steal this reference number for my future posts. ***I've got dibs on it!!***

  • lovelylil


    That is funny! But have you considered that it could have been written by an older Witness - beeing that they are not supodz to go two that skool of higher lerning and all. (just kidding) Lilly

  • Kaput

    Don't forget the "lobster claw" right hand of ol' JC hisself!

  • NanaR
    I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of the penciled in note of, "100, 44000." Was this book used by a child per chance?

    Yup, I'm quite sure it was used by more than one child, since it's my book and I have 3 daughters who would grab whatever book they could find on the way out the door to "Book study". I didn't write it myself.

    Of much more interest would be their later notes to their friends (written while they were trying to stay awake at assemblies, etc.).

    I didn't remove the note, because I didn't think it was any more ridiculous than the picture *hah*

    Ruth aka NanaR

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