Revelation Climax, page 52, Kindly Respond

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  • NanaR
    Don't forget the "lobster claw" right hand of ol' JC hisself!

    Are you talking about this? alt It is not great art... NanaR

  • twinkletoes

    Hi CoCo

    It's really interesting that you have come across disfellowshipping, due to ones questioning the Society's artwork.

    This picture of Jesus with the sceptre, has been quite troubling - we saw it a few years ago and couldn't find a reasonable excuse for it to be there. It's creepy. I agree that you can see faces and images in most things, but some are definately weird.

    Don't these pictures get checked before they go for printing ????


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Referencing for the GB's supervision can be found in AlmostAtheist's thread on 'Subliminal Imagery in the Watchtower'. You will see on my post citation of two 20-year old WT articles wherein the Society sought to squelch, in their inimitable fashion, those ugly rumors about their pristine art.

    Artlessly yours,


  • Bryan

    If you look like the ceptor in the first king's hand behind the smashed vases, it is well drawn. Good enough anyway. Same with the claw hand. It's not great, but it looks fine.

    The other hand in question, though, looks like no mistake to me. Does it mean anything? What would be the reason?


  • Kaput

    *** w87 3/1 15 'Upon the Watchtower I Am Standing' ***
    Each article in both The Watchtower and Awake! and every page, including the artwork, is scrutinized by selected members of the Governing Body before it is printed. Furthermore, those who assist in writing articles for The Watchtower are Christian elders who appreciate the seriousness of their assignment. (Compare 2 Chronicles 19:7.) They spend many hours in researching the Bible and other reference material to make sure that what is written is the truth and that it faithfully follows the Scriptures. (Ecclesiastes 12:9, 10; 2 Timothy 1:13) It is not unusual for one magazine article—that you may read in 15 minutes—to take from two weeks to over a month to prepare.

    Here ya go, twinkletoes!

  • jgnat

    It is obvious to me that the student had not completed his "shading" classes. Note the wildly varying skin tones of ALL the kings. Some have gold highlights (light from the left?), others don't. Pink is everywhere. Then gold again, randomly.

  • Kenneson

    It looks to me that E.T. must be one of those "kings."

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends,

    I thank all of you for your contribution to this discussion, and to those who provided scans of WT images and texts. I wish to highlight the Society's denial of anything untoward, as well as their insistence that the Governing Body SCRUTINIZES EVERYTHING [emphasis/caps added] before publication. As a former Bethel publications proofreader, I have my doubts regarding that assertion. My ongoing goal is more research, as art is my area of professional endeavor. I find satisfaction that one day our questions will be answered, as alluded to in Matthew 10:26. While what we opine may not matter ultimately, that surely doesn't stop us from discussing issues important to us.

    With gratitude,


  • heathen

    I don't think anything subliminal in that picuture but think there are some in others. Such as the greatest man book where the satanic symbol is found on jesus arm and the outline of a dog on his chest . That just looked like somebody was not very good at drawing hands .

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I've got hand it to you, that very picture made me want to buy a lobster and worship it as Jesus Christ himself. Now I see where I got the impulse. Damn them all for tricking my subconscious into lobster worship. I guess I'll sell all my bibs now.


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