omg i am totally floored

by akafreelife 92 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • HappyDad


    Please! Not this subject again.

    What you have "stumbled" across is passe! Absolutely no connection whatsoever in the real sense of things. This subject has been hashed and rehashed so many times here that it is nothing but fodder. is very interesting for the person who never associated it before, but in the end.......the evidence is flawed and has no bearing whatsoever on how and why the WT Society.....AKA the Governing Body (from the very beginning to those now who are ruling the roost) does what they 'does' and why they 'does' it.

    This kind of thinking and commenting is no better than the RIGHT wing and LEFT wing conspiracy theorists understanding of what is happening in the world today.

    The WT Society is nothing but a drop in the bucket to those who are doing the actual ruling. Anyone who thinks that the WT is part of the illuminati......the bilderbergers.......skull and bones........or whatever other conspiracy are grasping at straws.

    My suggestion to you and anyone else who subscribes to this BS is to start living a real life.

    Keep this in mind: THE BEST REVENGE IS A LIFE WELL LIVED. A life totally separated from your past as a JW.

    Life is beautiful away from the WT......start living........and live grand.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This discussion has been had here so many times it is ridiculous

    it was the 1992 light bearers convention thanks. i just remember the bros. talking about being illuminators. it was a while ago

    "illuminators" and illuminati are two totally different things

    illuminators = let the light of truth shine sort of thing

    illuminati = no evidence thjat they even really exist except in the minds of those who love conspiracy theories

    If the illuminati actually existed they sure wouldn't pick a group like the WTS that requires years of preaching to make one convert/slave and believe they are the centre of the world's attention

  • HappyDad


    A light bulb just went off in my head.

    Could it be that "akafreelife" is the original yo-yo who did nothing but push..push..push this entire Masonic, Illuminatti crap on the forum?

    And is trying once again to rile the membership with meaningless and unprovable dribble?


  • Lo-ru-hamah


    I loved this stuff that you are finding. I accidentally came across a lot of connections. Whether or not is true is to be determined but it is what got me looking at the Society closer.

    Just some food for thought. The pioneer school book is called "Shining as Illuminators".

    I find it interesting, now, that the Watchtower so frequently uses the term of shining as illuminators and how Satan is actually the angel of light. A connection, maybe.

    What got me really thinking that it had some merit was a story that my sister in law told me about the first time she ever saw one of the governing body members. He was walking rapidly down a hall with four body guards, he was wearing a long black cape that was furling behind him as he walked. She was very impressed, she said that he looked so grand. I was rather horrified because this was just about the time I was learning about this conspiracy theory. My sister in law is a very active JW and she was not telling this story to make them look bad.

    Anyway, have fun with it. It will get you searching for greater and provable information.


  • akafreelife

    happy ying yang

    i am actually the member freelife i just have not posted in a long time. i could not get my password in my email so i made a new account.

    i have just started researching this in the last few months. so lighten up.

  • avengers
    There is no connection.

    Are you sure auld soul?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi akafreelife and welcome,

    I have looked at bits of info on the illuminati, and it sounds like bs to me, to be honest. They are indeed a very secret society, perhaps because they are non - existent, just a figment of someones vivid imagination.

  • Gill

    These sites are such fun. There may or may not be some fragment of truth in them, but Masons, Illuminati, green lizard people, all stick together and help eachother.

    As for their involvement, or not, in the Nazi regime, they can't be that powerful, because look what happened to the Nazi regime. It reigns no longer!!!

  • badboy


  • AuldSoul
    I have Been hearing about a secret socioty called the illuminati.
    omg i am totally floored
    I have been researching the illuminati for a while they are ultra secretive.

    Something doesn't add up, Clint.


    I am sure. There is no question that the symbology is heavily influenced by the symbology of freemasonry, however so much symbology was so influenced from the 1700s through the early 1900s that it is impossible to draw a conclusion of attachment from the presence of symbols in common.

    However, even if one allows the possibility of attachment to the Freemasons, that does not equate to attachment to Illuminati unless one believes Freemasons are also Illuminati.

    Since there is no evidence for the existence of the Illuminati, it becomes no more difficult to establish a connection between the Illuminati and ANY organization than to point up the characteristics in common between the figmentally defined Illuminati and the given organization.

    I am sure there is no evidence of a connection between the Watchtower and the Illuminati. Which is what Clint said. I didn't address Knights Templar. There is evidence of a connection there, however I am not personally compelled to accept the body of evidence as proof of anything beyond influence.


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